The national media have missed for the most part how voter reaction against Alabama’s corrupt Republican rule helped Democrat Doug Jones defeat the GOP U.S. Senate nominee Roy Moore on Dec. 12 in the state’s special election.

Recent financial, law enforcement and sex scandals at the highest levels of all three branches of government in Alabama helped prepare voters to defeat Moore by 49-48 margin last week. Republican Jeff Sessions had won that seat with 97 percent of the vote unopposed by Democrats in 2014 before vacating it this year upon his appointment as U.S. attorney general.

douglas jonesIt's true also that Jones (shown at right) and his campaign team orchestrated a masterful strategy to generate high turnout against Moore, a religious zealot with a scandalous past.

But Moore would not have been so vulnerable in the overwhelmingly Republican state if previous Alabama scandals and the dubious performance of the new Trump administration had not softened GOP support even amongst those who normally trust righteous-sounding candidates. 

Moore’s predatory activities followed a decade of scandals by others. One led to the resignation of Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley this year in a mind-boggling sex scandal. Also, House Speaker Mike Hubbard, the state’s most powerful legislator during recent years, received a four-year prison term last year for massive corruption, as reported here.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, Top Strategist Rebekah Mason and former Alabama law enforcement chief Stephen Collier WKRGBentley’s scandal included several aspects that are particularly relevant to the Jones-Moore senate race. For one, Bentley’s longtime claim to have been a religiously inspired “family values” Republican was destroyed by massive coverage of his affair with his married staffer, Rebekah Caldwell Mason. She is shown at center with the governor (who is at left) and the state’s public safety director, Stephen Collier, whom the governor fired to prevent exposure. Collier responded with litigation that helped keep the scandals prominent.

Our Justice Integrity Project has developed deep sources in Alabama and has reported on many of these scandals and their cover-ups. One overview was our 2016 column How To Understand Political Sex Scandal Allegations.

In Alabama, the state's one-party governance — created in part by a long-running and massive political prosecution beginning in 1999 of former Gov. Don Siegelman, the state's leading Democrat during his term (1999 - 2003) and for years thereafter until Republican prosecutors and judges finally flattened him — weakened accountability that might have come from civic leaders and their institutions. Our reviews of Alabama newspapers and other supposed watchdog voices show far less initiative and independence in recent years than a decade or so previously.

The harm? Corruption involving sex, bribery, dishonest law enforcement and/or national security contracts (all covert factors in the Siegelman case, like many others) often causes blackmail and huge rip-offs of federal taxpayers, as well as other harms to third-party victims.

elenakagan forbiddenAnd, while this column is headlined to focus primarily on Republican-led corruption in Alabama, the ripple effects strongly implicate many Democratic leaders. These include such Washington-based leaders as President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan, as amplified below. For such reasons, our Project opposed the confirmation of Kagan, shown in a graphic at right to emphasize our opposition on ethical grounds to her confirmation despite her endorsement by about 100 of the nation's law school deans, including those two awarding this editor his degrees: Yale Law School and the University of Chicago School of Law..

The unwillingness of the corporate-controlled media to explore the full extent of corruption in politics and law enforcement, including by the above-named career-minded corporate Democrats, is part of the continuing importance of the Alabama scandals described below. jeff sessions ag oTherefore, we submit that the analysis carries importance beyond a critique of missed news angles or journalism failures.

As the nation's attorney general, for example, Jeff Sessions (shown at left) is deeply involved in selection of federal judges and prosecutors. His long track record as a Senate committee chairman and Alabama attorney general and federal prosecutor is well worth examining — particularly in light of longtime rumors implicating him in the kinds of sinister abuses prevalent elsewhere in the state's higherarchy.

Under the evocative title The Alabamafication of America, Alabama native Drew Pendergrass wrote earlier this year in the Harvard Political Review that "The current worries about Trump’s irresponsible governing style are similar to concerns Alabama commentators have been expressing about their often-demagogic leaders since before the 1940s. To understand the Trump administration....we should look to Alabama, and the reasons why the state government is teetering toward collapse."

The author Pendergrass, among such others as University of Oregon professor Joseph Lowery writing in the Dec.17 Washington Post, aptly describe how Alabama is providing a nationally important model of civic disintegration.

phenix city storyMy survey below of approximately a dozen years or so of Alabama kleptocracy supports those general themes even though there is always and ebb and flow through history.

After all, Phenix City, located on the Georgia border adjoining the Fort Benning military base, was once the nationally notorious "Sin City" of prostitutes, pimps, gamblers, election thieves and murderous "law enforcers" decades ago. World War II Gen. George S. Patton threatened to flatten it with bulldozers, as portrayed many times, including by a 1955 film advertised at right and in a 2009 documentary.

Then concerned citizens cleaned up the city beginning in the mid-1950s, as reported in 2004 by the Associated Press in Alabama’s ‘Sin City’ just a memory 50 years after notorious assassination. Work remains elsewhere, however, on the different but still serious problems described below. 

Media Myopia

The major media in Alabama and elsewhere (except for tabloid or blog outlets) have until recently minimized scandal involving VIPs, in part because the major outlets are themselves owned and run by VIPs. Instead of focusing on systemic corruption includinng that within the judiciary, the major media have instead featured disputes over partisan politics and such “identity politics” issues as grievances based on racial, sexual, religious and regional differences. That's white against black, women against men in the most simplistic forumulations.

Whether from ignorance, bias, or unwarrented bliss, therefore, the national media for the most part have skipped Alabama’s pervasive culture of corruption in explaining Moore’s loss.

Yes, it is difficult as it is to target an ostensibly religious man like Moore on suspected sexual misconduct. But teh record shows that it is even more unusual for most mainstream journalists to suggest in the corporate-controlled media that pervasive patterns of top-down corruption exists. Indeed, Alabama's often lawless system of top-down governance in the guise of "populism" provided vital insights leading to my 2013 book Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters.

The Washington Post set the tone for the senate race's coverage by reporting on Nov. 9 (in Woman says Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14, he was 32) that Moore had targeted teens for romantic attention when he was a state prosecutor in his early 30s. The reporting was conducted by Stephanie McCrummen, Beth Reinhard and Alice Crites. .

roy moore 8 accusers Custom

One credible victim was Leigh Corfman, who said that when she was aged 14 Moore persuaded her to accompany him home from a courthouse and then join him in stripping to underwear and, she said, touching his genitals.

She is shown at age 14 at top left of the adjoining collage portraying Moore's accusers. The charges helped generate unusually strong opposition to Moore, including from three of Alabama's largest (and jointedly owned) newspapers. One was the Birmingham News, the state's largest but also one that, like the other two, is published in print only three days a week because of financial and circulation cutbacks.

National reporters and pundits have noted that Moore's claims that his religioous interpretations of the Bible are more important than legal precedent has twice caused his removal from his previous job as the elected chief justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court. Some news reports show also that Moore and his wife Kayla led a religious foundation that secretly paid him nearly one million dollars despite his claim through the years that he worked for the foundation on a volunteer basis.

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U.S. Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, the longest serving member of Congress, resigned this week under sexual harassment allegations and Minnesota U.S. Sen. Al Franken was pressured to do the same in a resignation confirmed Thursday.

al franken

At least 32 Democratic colleagues signed statements Dec. 6 urging Franken to resign following multiple claims that he had harassed them years ago, primarily when he was an entertainer before his 2008 election to the Senate, where he has been reliable liberal voter.

djt roy moore daily news Custom

Meanwhile, President Trump and the Republican National Committee ramped up their support for Alabama's embattled GOP U.S. Senate nominee Roy Moore in the special election scheduled next Tuesday for one of the state's two seats.

A New York Daily News front page story headlined "I'm With Perv" on Dec. 4 mocked Trump's decision to back Moore over Democrat Doug Jones despite multiple allegations from women that Moore had sought to date or molest them while they were in their teens and he was in his thirties and working as a state prosecutor.

Allegations against Conyers, 88, included claims that he forced himself upon staffers during a career that began with his election to Congress in 1964 in a district representing part of Detroit. Earlier this week, he issued a statement from a hospital room, reportedly being treated for stress, saying that he was resigning.

Republicans and their sympathizers had mounted a campaign against Conyers and Franken following the Moore revelations. As part of the Justice Integrity Project's coverage, this editor attended a news conference last week at the National Press Club featuring several accusers of former President Bill Clinton who called for renewed investigations of his conduct during the 1990s and the removal of Conyers and Franken from their current posts. 

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A Dallas ceremony and a Washington, DC vigil and a documentary film premiere were among the events on Nov. 22 commemorating the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy and protesting the official cover-up that government and the major news have maintained until present.

John Barbour and "The American Media"

Proponents of that historical view convened at noon in Dealey Plaza in Dallas among other places that included the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and, separately in the nation's capital, a free showing on Capitol Hill of the new documentary film The American Media: The Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The movie's producer, director and writer John Barbour answered questions after the 2 p.m. screening at the Stewart Mott Foundation, which is located at 122 Maryland Ave., NE between the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Senate Hart Office Building.

Barbour, the only man to win TV Emmys for both news and entertainment, described mainstream coverage of the assassination as “fake news.”

His compelling film alleges that a false narrative continues to the present in hiding the truth:

That New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison documented in the 1960s about how powerful American oligarchs used the CIA and allied operatives to kill Kennedy for what they regarded as a traitorous foreign policy that emphasized peace too much during the Cold War era.

The documentary further shows how Kennedy's 1963 commencement address at the American University illustrated his break with Cold War thinking and along with his actions infuriated his critics, including those within government, research has shown.

This editor and the Justice Integrity Project have been active in reporting, commenting and supporting these disclosures because they highlight ongoing, shocking aberrations by government and the media following the president's murder during his motorcade through Dealey Plaza. I lectured at two separate conferences in Dallas over the No. 17-19 weekend about the media's role in mis-reporting key events.

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Following the historic release of new JFK assassination documents since this summer, two three-day annual JFK assassination research conferences in Dallas will focus on the latest insights beginning Friday.

JFK Lancer 2017 Logo Many of the nation's most prominent and committed experts are convening at the JFK Lancer Productions and Publications 21st Annual 2017 November In Dallas Conference at the historic Adolphus Hotel and at the Fifth Annual 2017 JFK Assassination Conference organized by author and lecturer Judyth Vary Baker and her team at the nearby Crowne Plaza Hotel on Elm Street.

The latter is several blocks from where President John F. Kennedy (shown at right with his daughter Caroline) was killed on that street on Nov. 22, 1963.

jfk assassination 5th conference 2017 baker

Two conferences with minimal overlap provide an extraordinary opportunity for speakers and audiences alike to hear in-depth presentations from notable, still-living witnesses, medical doctors, historians, legal experts and authors who are expert in the topic.

That expertise includes those sensitive matters that the mainstream media normally ignore or suppress because the evidence would, among other things, show how careless (at best) and dishonest their coverage has been since the shooting occurred.

Registration and speaker program details are here for the JFK Conference, whose program begins at 10:30 a.m. Friday, Nov. 17. That information can be found by clicking on the title here of the 21st Annual 2017 November In Dallas Conference, whose program begins at 1 p.m. on Friday. The conference is named for Kennedy's Secret Service code name "Lancer" and is led by a team of researchers, authors and book publishers that include Debra Conway and Larry Hancock. 

The Justice Integrity Project (JIP) and the Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA), on whose boards this editor serves, supports each conference as important to both the public. 

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John Barbour The American MediaFamed news and entertainment leader John Barbour will host two free screenings of his latest film, “The American Media: The Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy,” and will deliver a lecture at the National Press Club over the next 10 days to underscore the media cover-up, continuing “fake news” on TV, and the ongoing importance of the true facts of President Kennedy’s 1963 assassination.

Barbour, the only man to win TV Emmys for both news and entertainment, will premiere in the nation’s capital his documentary at the American University on Nov. 15 and on Capitol Hill on Nov. 22. 

Also, he will deliver a dinner lecture on Nov. 16 at the press club “The Last Hurrah for JFK and America.” All three events are free and open to the public, although the dinner is a no-host, Dutch-treat event before the McClendon Group speaker society. The society, named for famed White House correspondent Sarah McClendon, has featured important speakers with alternative viewpoints at the club for the past quarter century.

John Barbour as co-host of "Real People"Barbour, 84, a five-time Emmy winner, is also known as “The Godfather of Reality TV” for his co-producing and co-hosting NBC-TV’s No. 1 hit “Real People” credited with spawning the genre. He is shown at left in a photo from the show.

“No matter what people know about the assassination of JFK,” says Barbour, “they will be stunned by what they learn in this film. It is the definitive film about the assassination and the birth of fake news, which plagues us to this day. Fake news impeded New Orleans District Attorney’s Garrison’s 1960s investigation at every turn.”

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The National Archives announced on Nov. 9 the release of 13,213 additional records pertaining to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas.

Most of the documents were previously released in redacted form as part of a long-term process to comply with a 1992 federal law. More than four million pages have been released previously in full or with parts blocked out. Released records are available for download here.

The announcement by the National Archives is excerpted below, as are several hard-hitting commentaries by experts analyzing three previous releases this year as the Archives and Trump administration seek compliance with law that required release of all such documents by Oct. 26 last month.

President Trump's announcement on Oct. 26 said the White House was postponing some releases — estimated by experts to be some 98 percent of the more than 30,000 documents still at issue — for up to six months to enable further review on "national security" grounds.

Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas custodyThe Justice Integrity Project along with Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA) have been monitoring this process closely. That grows out of the decades-long experience of most of CAPA's leaders in documenting why the major 1964 Warren Commission findings on the assassination were wrong.

Yet the vast majority of major news organizations have parroted the commission's claims and ridiculed critics through current times as crazed "conspiracy theorists."  The Commission's major findings were that that former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald (shown in custody in Dallas after the shooting) acted alone with no accomplices in killing JFK with three shots from behind.

To counter this clearly false history that even Kennedy's successor Lyndon B. Johnson did not believe (according to a now declassified tape-recording), CAPA is co-sponsoring with the South Texas College of Law /Houston a unique mock trial, State of Texas vs. Lee Harvey Oswald, from Nov. 16-17 at the law school.

The mock trial will use scientific forensics to reach a verdict and educate the public. Registration is here via the law school.

Cyril Wecht capa"What makes our conference truly special, " commented CAPA Chairman Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, the noted forensic pathologist, author, medical school professor and JFK researcher (shown at right), "are the specifics of the program, namely, the presentation of medical, forensic scientific, and acoustic evidence in testimony fashion.  And, of course, the banquet with Alec Baldwin."


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