Oswald Mock JFK Trial, Baldwin Banquet Hotel Discount Expires Today


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Today, Oct. 30, is the deadline for hotel room discounts to attend the mock trial of accused JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald in Houston Nov. 16 to 17 -- along with a related banquet featuring famed actor and author Alec Baldwin on the first evening.

Alec Baldwin The hosts have arranged special pricing of $179 per night at the Houston Marriott Medical Center/Museum District, which was one of the closest hotels available to the mock trial’s venue at the South Texas College of Law, Houston. The law school is the co-sponsor of the events along with CAPA (Citizens Against Political Assassinations), on whose board this editor serves as a volunteer.

Hotel registration is here. Check further instructions below to obtain the discount. The offer expires on Oct. 30, 2017.

More generally, the mock trial State of Texas vs. Lee Harvey Oswald is planned as a unique, historic event to bring forward scientific evidence to counter the bogus claim since President John F. Kennedy’s 1963 assassination that medical evidence proves Oswald’s guilt.

Those highly dubious if not outright false claims have been repeated endlessly this year. They have been especially frequent during the last week. Non-scientists advocating for the validity of the notoriously misleading Warren Report on the president's death have been featured on innumerable television commentaries.

Supposedly independent JFK assassination experts have been commenting in biased and ignorant fashion regarding the document release mandated by Congress under the 1992 JFK Act. One of our next columns at the Justice Integrity Project will name names in exploring this type of fake news in a column to be headlined, JFK Records Fiasco Exposes Puppet Control Over Government, Fake News Media.

But we needed first to put out this alert on the hotel discount deadline today, and next to write an exclusive column about a new scandal connected with the indictment announced today of President Trump's former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort.

The Assassination Records Review Board (ARRC) prioritized document release during the 1990s, and established a 25-year deadline for final release that expired Oct. 26.

But President Trump extended that deadline for most remaining documents for up to 180 days, as reported last week in Trump Backs Off Promise To Release All Suppressed JFK Documents Today; Permits Partial Release.

djt officialThat Justice Integrity Project news report, excerpted on CAPA's news site, contains an appendix of many news reports and commentaries since last week about the document releases. It began "In a chaotic chapter of government efforts to suppress research into the evidence regarding President Kennedy's 1963 assassination, President Trump on Oct. 26 suddenly backed away from his promises this week to comply with a 1992 Congressional law and release all remaining documents related to the assassination."

In previous reports, CAPA has covered that much-anticipated release of JFK assassination documents, as well as news of the mock trial, including the its agenda and today’s hotel deadline.

But registrants can obtain large savings via the discount, thus prompting this reminder. The room rate is reputed to be more than $100 night additionally without the CAPA discount, which CAPA has negotiated to extend from Nov. 15 (the eve of the mock trial) through the evening of Nov. 17 (the evening after the expected jury verdict). Hotel availability in downtown Houston is extremely scarce during that period because of other major events.

To recap our previous reports: The courtroom drama that never had a chance to occur will now be held live, featuring world-renowned J.F.K assassination experts.

During a special evening dinner requiring additional registration, the TV, stage and screen star Baldwin will speak and sign copies of new autobiography, Nevertheless, as we reported here last June.

Details of the trial are here, with pricing:

Mock Trial

CLE (10 credits) students $450 (includes lunch)

General Public $150 (includes lunch)

CAPA Members $100 (includes lunch)

Live streaming general public $75

Live streaming CAPA members $50

Alec Baldwin dinner/book signing (includes valet parking and cash bar)

General Public $125

CAPA members $95

Register here for the Lee Harvey Oswald “Mock Trial.” To obtain promo codes for registration as CAPA member, contact Glenda at visionsoffrance (at) cox.net. To register with promo code, enter the code on the registration page. The discounted price will show up at the bottom of the billing page.

Special Pricing at Houston Marriott Medical Center/Museum District: 6580 Fannin Street, (Driveway Entrance on 1730 Dryden Road) Houston TX 77030. For a hotel, a $179 nightly rate is available there from 11/15/17 to 11/17/17. That offer expires Oct. 30, 2017. Register here.

To recap previous announcements about the trial:

The courtroom drama that never had a chance to occur will now be held live. It features world-renowned J.F.K assassination experts with expertise in forensic study of medical and other scientific factors related to the assassination. These are precisely the kinds of experts that the corporate controlled media have large ignored during coverage of the JFK document release since Oct. 26. Instead, the media have for the most presented advocates for the notorious Warren Commission report blaming Oswald as a deranged lone assassin.

alec baldwin nevertheless coverDuring an evening break in the mock trial, Baldwin will speak more generally about his experiences, including his focus on civic concerns and as reflected in his new memoir, Nevertheless (whose cover is shown at right).

Since 1980, Baldwin (shown in a recent Cannes Film Festival photoshoot) has appeared in numerous productions on stage, in films and on television.

He has received a Tony nomination (A Streetcar Named Desire, 1992) an Oscar nomination (The Cooler, 2004) and has won two Emmy awards, three Golden Globes and seven consecutive Screen Actors Guild Awards as Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his role on NBC-TV's 30 Rock. He has been a regular host and guest star on Saturday Night Live. In 2016, Baldwin hosted a summer package of episodes of The Match Game, the classic television game show, on ABC. Additionally, this spring he began hosting The Essentials' on Saturday evenings on Turner Classic Movies.

On stage, he has appeared in productions of Loot (Theatre World Award), A Life In the Theater (Hartman), Prelude To A Kiss (Obie Award), MacBeth (NYSF), Gross Points (Bay Street), On The Twentieth Century (Roundabout), Entertaining Mr. Sloane (Laura Pels), Equus (Guild Hall), Orphans, All My Sons (Guild Hall).

His films include Miami Blues, The Hunt For Red October, Glengarry Glen Ross, Malice, The Edge, The Departed, It’s Complicated, Blue Jasmine, Still Alice, and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. He recently voiced the lead character in the Dreamworks animated film The Boss Baby.

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Justice Integrity Project Readers Guide To JFK Assassination

By Andrew Kreig, JIP Editor, CAPA Board member and Associate Editor and Board member of The Indicter

What follows are excerpt's from our Project's so-far 38-previous segments of a "Readers Guide" to the assassination begun in 2013 to underscore both the 50th anniversary of the death and its continuing relevance, particularly slanted media, government, and academic treatment of the death that serves as a Rosetta Stone to similar slanted coverage sensitive matters extending through the decades to today's news.

John F. Kennedy side profile

The Justice Integrity Project is an active supporter of Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA) and The Indicter, each of which investigates suspected political assassinations around the world. The Project's most recent previous column on these topics for the Readers Guide was JFK Birthday Prompts Inspiration, Art, Advocacy, Snark on June 2, 2017, with this beginning. "The 100th birthday anniversary of President John F. Kennedy on May 29 prompted many memorials about the late president's enduring popularity, the continuing controversies over his murder, and at least one prominent display of mockery of the late president by a big newspaper."

In the Readers Guide below, a red asterisk (*) denotes major articles in the series. Other articles may be regarded as more routine or duplicative treatments sometimes covering specific events.

Dealey Plaza Panorama (Andrew Kreig Photo)At right is a photo by this editor in Dallas showing Dealey Plaza. The Texas Book Depository Building where accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald worked is behind the row of trees. The car in the center lane is near the location of President Kennedy's limo at the time of his fatal shooting. The "X" mark is repeatedly painted on the street by author and photographic expert Robert Grodin as reminder of the horrific crime that Dallas authorities seek to expunge by removing the X.

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