Justice Integrity Project To Improve News Coverage, Distribution


Dear Colleagues and Readers:

Our Justice Integrity Project this week plans to implement a new distribution system along with expanded coverage of justice-related news and commentary on under-reported issues.

An automated "opt-in" system via Mail Chimp will replace a previous distribution methods whereby notification of our web-based articles occurred via an RSS opt-in system and specialized email lists. Those lists include many of those receiving this notification because of your previously expressed interest in the topics.

Google has stopped fully supporting RSS feeds like our FeedBurner. This limited attractive photo layouts and other necessary design elements, such as brevity in new story alerts.

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The Mail Chimp system is a vast improvement that we hope you'll like along with our publication of hard-hitting investigative stories. Mail Chimp also makes it easy for you to opt out if you prefer by clicking its unsubscribe box at bottom. 

Our non-partisan project is now approaching its 10th year. Leadership remains with the original founding directors, shown here.

alberto gonzales doj wTo recap our history, the project began by reporting in-depth on scandals, primarily on U.S. federal prosecutions that were alleged as unfairly selective or political. Some arose out of the so-called U.S. Attorney firing scandal of 2006-2007 whereby such Bush Administration figures as Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (right) and White House Senior Advisdor Karl Rove used the department to target political enemies and reward cronies.

We continued reporting on such prosecutions during the Obama and Trump administrations, including their new abuses, their cover-ups and their lack of reforms under such officials as Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder (left) and Trump's Jeff Sessions and William Barr.

Our coverage expanded to such related areas as judicial conduct, the political process by which prosecutors and judges are appointed, and the larger eco-systems eric holderinvolved in the politics of justice. These include examination of scandals and trends in the news media, prisons and non-criminal economic and social justice issues.

The ultimate political prosecution is "political assassination" and other state crimes against democracy such as election rigging. We do not shy away from these controversial topics. So, we have published "Readers Guides" summarizing major viewpoints on 9/11 and the deaths of the three iconic 1960s political leaders: John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy.

djt official SmallAlthough our focus is primarily on the United States, these issues are global, as is our coverage.

Thus, our focus has expanded considerably through the years. But we remain centered on the serious problems arising when government police power is used to destroy political enemies unfairly and to reward guilty political cronies. In such scandals, the "rule of law" becomes merely a slogan and not an operating principle.

All of this positions the Justice Integrity Project to bring extensive experience to the complex current controversies about investigations into the Trump administration.


As we proceed, we thank each reader for your interest and invite your comments, criticisms, news tips, desired changes in coverage, and other insights. 


With warm regards,


Andrew Kreig

JIP Executive Director

Washington, DC.

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