Medical Expert, Oswald's Friend, Debunks Accused JFK Killer’s Portrayal

lee harvey oswald minsk radio factory friends no glasses  

Lee Harvey Oswald, accused in 1963 of being the lone assassin in Dallas of President John F. Kennedy, is shown at center relaxing with fellow radio factory workers in the Soviet Union city of Minsk during his trip from 1959 to 1962 before his return to the United States. Oswald's friend from that period, Ernst Titovets, states that the most frequently displayed version of this photo shows Oswald wearing sunglasses, underscoring erroneous conventional wisdom that he was a sinister figure. Instead, Professor Titovets, an on-the-scene observer in Minsk, says that the young men were passing around one pair of sunglasses to look cool as they joked around together (Photo from the Titovets memoir, "Oswald: Russian Episode"). 


A new book disputes false portrayals of Lee Harvey Oswald, whom officials promptly named in 1963 as the sole assassin of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas. 

Oswald: Russian Episode reveals john f kennedy smilingOswald’s true character and rebuts claims that his personality made him a likely assassin of JFK, shown at right.

“The real Oswald,” concludes the author, Professor Ernst Titovets, M.D., Ph.D., based on his close friendship with the American six decades ago, “had no reason whatsoever – either political or personal – to murder John F. Kennedy.”

This book culminates the scientist’s painstaking research conducted over many years to reveal the character of Oswald, which is still largely unknown to the general public.

The book, initially privately published, has been updated and is now widely available in Western nations for the first time.

This follows publication on May 6 by Eagle View Books, based in Washington, DC. The book launch was ernst titovets new covertimed for continuing interest in both the JFK assassination, as indicated by a continued publication of new books in recent months, as well as ramped-up interest in so-called "conspiracy theories."

At a major annual research conference last Nov. 20-22 about the JFK assassination organized by Citizens Against Political Assassination (CAPA), investigative reporter Andrew Kreig, Eagle View’s book editor on this project and also editor of the Justice Integrity Project, moderated a CAPA panel of experts reviewing media coverage of JFK’s death.

Kreig has written and spoken extensively on the topic, documenting how criticism of the Warren Commission report on the JFK can be solidly researched and thus far different from wild and otherwise unsupported claims commonly derided as "conspiracy theory." The Justice Integrity Project also has published a 55-part "Readers Guide to the JFK Assassination: Books, Videos, Archives, Commentary," which is excerpted below with links to the catalogs and articles.

Professor Titovets, who is still active as an accomplished researcher on brain functions, provides a gripping and historically important challenge to conventional wisdom regarding the 1963 assassination.

His account describes first-hand appraisals of what he regards as the shockingly misguided research of such Oswald biographers he met as Norman Mailer.

To recap JFK’s history-changing death: Oswald, an ex-Marine, was arrested soon after Kennedy’s murder by gunfire in downtown Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. Oswald denied killing the president. ernst titovets book back cover portrait newTwo days after Oswald’s arrest, nightclub owner Jack Ruby murdered him in a Dallas police station. That enabled authorities for the most part to condemn Oswald as JFK’s sole assassin without trial, despite vast and still-lingering public skepticism about the official story.

Professor Titovets, shown at right, expertly refutes the standard portrayals of Oswald as a loner and mentally deranged man prone to violence. He draws on their friendship during the years Oswald spent in the former Soviet Union, beginning in 1959 at the height of the Cold War.

Oswald, who previously had worked as a U.S. Marine technician in Japan with clearance for high secrets on the then-highly classified U-2 spy plane missions, undertook a supposed “defection” to the Soviet Union that in some ways previewed the plot of the future James Bond thriller “From Russia With Love.”

Soviet officials assigned Oswald, shown below left in an undated photo, to work in a radio factory in Belarus.

The medical student Titovets, whose passions including study of English, befriended Oswald there. They were the same age and spent countless hours together. According to this account:Oswald, having come from a strange capitalist world, remained a mystery at first to his friend, who had been reared in the pervasive communist system. lee harvey oswald hsIts propaganda depicted the outside world as a deadly menace for the Soviet Union. But the two conflicting cultures failed to stop this friendship. The young men explored the truth about their lives and the larger world in private debates, including sessions that Titovets taped recording and kept confidential from Soviet authorities – and now help document his book’s revelations.

The story reveals Oswald’s natural wit and curiosity, along with hints of his true goals – which Professor Titovets insists after a lifetime of reflection could never have included killing anyone, and certainly not the American president, JFK.

Readers will experience everyday life in Minsk, insights about Oswald’s factory work while Titovets pursued graduate studies. In their spare time, they together explored girls and romance, with joint trips for dances and other amusements, including shared interest in music, books, and hikes in the countryside.

Among episodes here recalled: Oswald’s hospitalization and his first amorous infatuation, which went terribly wrong as he suffered the frustrations of the unrequited love. Later, he met Marina, whom he married and who bore a child. Disappointed with the Soviet Union, he returned with his new family back to the United States (as portrayed in the photo at right of them departing in a railway carriage) .

What appealed to Professor Titovets most was Lee’s sense of humor, his nonviolent nature and pacifistic attitude of live-and-let live.

Says the author: “The young Oswald, with his Marxist leanings, went to Russia, the country behind the Iron Curtain, to study firsthand the Soviet System. Disappointed with Russia and unsatisfied with the contemporary America, he developed his Athenian System, a societal organization combining the best of the two worlds, the Capitalist and the Socialist ones. Achieving this harmony, in real life, Oswald sought through a peaceful non-violent transition.”

He continued:

Oswald was an American reared in — and then returning — to a free country that he loved. His was a vision of a new happy democratic America inherently based on a capitalist system but with some acceptable modifications borrowed from the socialist system. He never called for violence but insisted on stoical patient work towards making his ideas available to a broader audience to, eventually, win the majority of reasonable compatriots to his side. The last chapter of this memoir — "Who was Lee Harvey Oswald?" — especially deals with this Oswald.

Contrary to the official view of Oswald as a JFK assassin, Oswald: Russian Episode concludes that Oswald had no motive to kill JFK. "Nor was it in his nature," states the author, "to commit such a violent act."

To view purchase options and more background for a print or Kindle edition of the book, click here


About the Author:

ernst titovetsProfessor Ernst Titovets, M.D., Ph.D., shown at right in a file photo from two decades ago, is a researcher, author, translator and interpreter. He was born in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. He graduated from the Minsk Medical Institute and undertook post-graduate research in biochemistry. Also, he was a member of the Belorussian National Sailing Team, where he sailed D-class and Finn-class boats and won top places in sailing competitions. He earned his advanced degrees from the Academy of Sciences of Belarus and from the St. Petersburg State University, Russia.

Appointed to a number of scientific research councils, he has authored or co-authored six research books, 14 patents and over 400 research papers and as an interpreter, he translated three books. He has delivered lectures in Great Britain, the USA, France, Spain, Japan and Russia. Upon publication of Oswald: Russian Episode in limited editions, he was invited as a key speaker at major JFK research conferences in Dallas (2013) and metro Washington, DC (2014). He works as a principal researcher at the Republican Research and Clinical Centre of Neurology and Neurosurgery in Minsk, Belarus.

About “Oswald: Russian Episode”: 519 pages (including notes, index, and 46 historical photos), paperback $19.50. Kindle eBook $5.49. Publication March XX, 2021. Details. ISBN: 9781501011313. For author interviews or review copies, contact Andrew Kreig: (202) 638-0070.


What JFK Experts Say:

“Your book is very well written – head and shoulders above most of the stupid JFK literature. You have a talent for telling a story… You bring those times to life very skillfully.”

Peter Wronsky, Ph.D., author and authority on Oswald‘s life in Russia, Canada

“Congratulations on presenting us with the real Oswald…It reads like a good novel.”

David Lifton, author of Best Evidence, USA.

“It’s a fine book. It reads well and I’m enjoying it... I particularly like the English script. One would never know it was written by an author in his second language. Brilliant!”

Barrie Penrose, investigative journalist, UK

“Bravo!! A truly colorful in-depth portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald. So very rich in detail. Fascinating! Reads like the other side of the story. The color side of a black and white movie. Very intimate. You have humanized this much de-humanized figure.”

Mark Grouber, investigative journalist, USA.

“This is a wonderful, moving and deeply personal account of Ernst's friendship with this enigmatic individual. It offers a unique glimpse of Oswald few others can possess.”

– Reviewer Steve Duffy, Brisbane, Australia.

“It amazes me that so-called academics and historians, many of whom push the machine gun-riddled Warren Report, do not read and incorporate this book into their telling of history.”

Robert P. Morrow, JFK researcher and commentator, USA.

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Book Launch News Coverage

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Black Op Radio Show interview by Host Len Osanic of Andrew Kreig on 'Oswald: Russian Episode'

Broadcasting Live, Thursday, May 6, 2021

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Andrew Kreig; beginning at 26:36; Andrew Kreig is the co-founder and executive director of Justice Integrity Project
Book: Oswald: Russian Episode by Ernst Titovets: Paperback, Kindle


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                      • Contact Andrew Kreig: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Justice Integrity Project 'Readers Guide To JFK Assassination: Books, Videos, Archives, Commentary'

To help researchers of President John F. Kennedy's 1963 assassination and its current implications, the Justice Integrity Project began publishing a frequently updated Reader's Guide beginning in 2013 to coincide with the shooting's 50th anniversary.

Some columns, particularly No. 17 below, catalog significant books arguing all viewpoints. Other columns provide analysis.

Included are columns best-selling author Peter Dale Scott and San Francisco attorney Bill Simpich. Each is affiliated with the start-up research group CAPA (Citizens Against Political Assassinations), as is this editor.

Dealey Plaza Panorama (Andrew Kreig Photo)Research inputs are welcome, including suggested additions. Similar initiatives are planned to help illuminate other major assassinations and attempted assassinations of great controversy and historical importance.

The specifics of President Kennedy's life, death and legacy hold a rare fascination for the public as a guide to today's current events and official reports.

The JFK assassination has generated more than two thousand books in whole or part. More than three million pages of relevant government have been declassified thanks to countless researchers. Public opinion polls for decades have revealed a rare if not unique disconnect whereby between 60 and more than 75 percent of those polled typically say they do not believe the 1964 report by the blue-ribbon Warren Commission.

Above right is a Justice Integrity Project photo showing Dealey Plaza, where Kennedy was killed on Nov. 22, 1963. The Texas Book Depository Building where accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald worked is behind the row of trees. The car in the center lane is near the location of the president's limo at the time of the fatal shot.

Dozens of witnesses, mostly ignored by authorities, reported hearing shooting from the so-called "Grassy Knoll" at the photo's left. Not visible is a tall, opaque picket fence obscured by the road sign at the far left.

Many researchers -- but not the Warren Commission -- have argued that at least one shooter hid behind the picket fence and escaped via the near-empty railroad yard behind the fence.

The "X" painted on the highway marks the approximate spot where Kennedy was hit by the fatal shot. JFK researcher, author and photo expert Robert J. Groden repeatedly repaints the spot, to the dismay of Dallas authorities, as a reminder of continuing citizen concern. Groden had been hired as a photo technician to work after the assassination on the then-suppressed amateur video that photographer Abraham Zapruder shot of the killing from a site on the Grassy Knoll. Groden played a key role in delivering a pirated copy to ABC-TV for its first public showing in 1975, helping ramp up questions by many observers.

The materials below derive from the efforts of countless other concerned citizens and whistleblowers. They compiled records and in some cases challenged conventional wisdom, often at risk to their reputations and careers and with scant possibility of any reward except in hope of helping solve an enduring civic mystery.


Justice Integrity Project Readers Guide To JFK Assassination

By Andrew Kreig, JIP Editor, former CAPA Board member, and Associate Editor and Board member of The Indicter

What follows are excerpts from our Project's previous segments of a "Readers Guide" to the assassination begun in 2013 to underscore both the 50th anniversary of the death and its continuing relevance, particularly slanted media, government, and academic treatment of the death that serves as a Rosetta Stone to similar slanted coverage sensitive matters extending through the decades to today's news.

John F. Kennedy side profile

The Justice Integrity Project cooperates with Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA) and The Indicter, each of which investigates suspected political assassinations around the world.

In the Readers Guide below, a red asterisk (*) denotes major articles in the series. Other articles may be regarded as more routine or duplicative treatments sometimes covering specific events.

Dealey Plaza Panorama (Andrew Kreig Photo)At right is a photo by this editor in Dallas showing Dealey Plaza. The Texas Book Depository Building where accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald worked is behind the row of trees. The car in the center lane is near the location of President Kennedy's limo at the time of his fatal shooting. The "X" mark is repeatedly painted on the street by author and photographic expert Robert Groden as reminder of the horrific crime that Dallas authorities seek to expunge by removing the X.

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  55. 3 JFK Research Conferences In Dallas From Nov. 21-24, Andrew Kreig, Nov. 17, 2019. 


Justice Integrity Project Editor

Andrew Kreig photoAndrew Kreig, left, the author of the series excerpted above, is a non-profit executive, investigative reporter, author and attorney based in Washington, DC.

After careers in journalism, law and business, he became a founding director of both the Justice Integrity Project and of CAPA, among other leadership positions in civic organizations. CAPA (Citizens Against Political Assassinations) membership details and volunteer opportunities are here.




Other Analysis By JFK Experts

Peter Dale ScottPeter Dale Scott, shown at right in a file photo, is the retired University of California professor and poet who popularized the terms "Deep State" and "Deep Politics" beginning with a series of books exploring President Kennedy's assassination and its ripple effects on American life continuing to the present. Details of his whowhatwhy logocareer are here.

In 2015, the investigative site WhoWhatWhy excerpted his new book Dallas ’63: The First Deep State Revolt Against the White House  (Open Road Media, September, 2015). The CIA, Mafia, Mexico — and Oswald is Part 1 of a six-part series of book excerpts, published from Nov. 22-27, 2015.

WhoWhatWhy Founder and Editor Russ Baker, himself the best-selling author of Family of Secrets about the Bush dynasty, wrote this introduction to Scott's series:

When John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, the United States lost more than its president. It lost its innocence. The subsequent investigations into the young president’s killing raised more questions than they answered — and caused Americans to lose faith in their government. Indeed, for many people in the U.S. and across the world, the assassination marked the point at which their fundamental perceptions changed. Just after the Warren Commission released its report on the assassination, the level of public trust in government was at 77 percent. A decade later it had plummeted to less than half that (36 percent).

Kennedy’s death and the circumstances surrounding it gave birth to a movement. This movement, composed of all kinds of people, is dedicated to investigating the story behind the story, to exposing the power networks hidden beneath surface events. These machinations have been dubbed “Deep Politics.” Those who study it believe there is much more to national and world events than what the public is told by government officials and evening newscasters — and, as you will see, Peter Dale Scott proves it. On the occasion of the anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination, WhoWhatWhy is pleased to present excerpts from Chapter 2 of Scott’s latest work: Dallas ’63: The First Deep State Revolt Against the White House.

For Part 1 of this series, please go here; Part 2, go here; Part 3 go here; Part 4 go here; Part 5 go here; Part 6 go here.


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