News Hour Q&A: What Does WikiLeaks Mean for You?

Justice Integrity Project Director Andrew Kreig  answered listener questions Jan. 16 on the Connecticut Watchdog News Hour radio and television show. News Hour host Brian Palmer, founder of the HORN network, led the questioning.
The focus: Attempts by Swedish and United States authorities to investigate WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange -- and what that means for voters, news consumers and travelers in the United States and internationally.
Kreig has broken a number of recent articles on the topic, several first published on the Connecticut Watchdog news site founded by George Gombossy, right, after his 40 years at the Hartford Courant. Gombossy who also participated in questions on the show, had been the business editor and consumer editor at the Courant, its state's largest newspaper and also the nation's largest during the Revolutionary War.
The discussion explored how government investigations of WikiLeaks is just one of many restrictions on traditional rights as well as threats to web and Internet-enabled information sources. The News Hour is distributed via Internet worldwide via the HORN, an Internet radio/TV station based in Avon, Connecticut. Listeners joined the conversation by logging in to the HORN and to the accompanying chatroom, which requires a separate login. The interview is stored on the website and at right if you wish to view it. Connecticut Watchdog is a news information site founded in 2009 and now expanding its footprint with a focus on practical information benefitting consumers and voters.