Alabama Critic of Siegelman Flops at Press Club

Eddie Curran, a former Alabama newspaperman who’s spent years denouncing the state’s former Gov. Don Siegelman, hosted a strange news conference on Oct. 29 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Curran rented the room to promote his self-published book, The Governor of Goat Hill. He spent most of his time venting against the New York Times, CBS, Time and Harper’s for their long-ago coverage of the nearly decade-long investigation of Siegelman. Siegelman, now 64, was Alabama’s governor from 1999 to 2003. A Democrat, he was convicted of corruption charges in 2006, primarily for urging a businessman to contribute to a non-profit group advocating a state lottery to fund more education spending and then reappointing the donor to a state board.

Curran’s biased, disorganized and self-indulgent presentation flopped, however, for reasons worth exploring again even though Alabama journalist Roger Shuler skewered Curran for precisely the same shortcomings nearly three years ago in, “Deconstructing Eddie Curran.”

As in the past, Curran argued that Siegelman is corrupt and had a fair trial, and that the national media wrongly accuses Karl Rove and other Republicans of orchestrating Siegelman’s prosecution. Siegelman is now free on bond. The Supreme Court vacated his “honest services” convictions in June. Lower courts are reviewing challenges to his seven-year sentence.


At this point, the question is not so much why an unpersuasive hokum artist keeps spinning his tale. Instead, why hasn’t Congress held a hearing getting to the bottom of the nation’s most notorious federal prosecution of the decade? We need that hearing pronto, with public testimony by all relevant parties under oath.

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