Feds Bully 'Die Hard' Mctiernan Into Plea for False Statements - Reader Comment:

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Reader Comment: RE John McTiernan

The federal prosecution of John McTiernan is another egregious example of the ruthless and vicious abuse of the criminal justice system by the DOJ and FBI. Once a victim has been targeted, there are no limits to the amount of time, energy, money, and use of personnel that the feds will employ to pursue and persecute that individual.

No charge will be considered too petty or unimportant in their efforts to coerce the victim into pleading guilty in order to avoid the frightening possibility of a lengthy jail term. The alternative of rejecting the "easy way" out is incredibly expensive, emotionally draining, and usually quite protracted. That is why the feds can boast of a 95% success rate.  Very few people are capable of engaging in an all-out battle against the multi-facetted, unlimited forces that the DOJ, FBI, and other federal governmental agencies will muster in achieving their objective.

When there is a politically motivated (obviously never publicly expressed) etiology in such a federal prosecution, and especially where the selected victim enjoys some degree of celebrity, then the intensity of the criminal lawsuit is ratcheted up several notches.

This is clearly what happened to John McTiernan.

To anyone who has had the opportunity to study this manufactured, wildly exaggerated indictment and learn what the real facts are, it is readily and obviously apparent that the feds have created a scenario that goes far beyond any kind of legitimate investigation and justifiable utilization of taxpayers' dollars.

The flagrant, unbridled abuse of governmental power by the DOJ and FBI in attempting to destroy an individual (financially, professionally, socially, and sometimes physically) for personal and political reasons, and to an extent that is grossly disproportionate to any alleged act of criminality, is the hallmark of a totalitarian government.   All decent, fair-minded American citizens -- liberal Democrats or conservative Republicans -- need to let their voices be heard in denouncing, castigating, and rejecting such deplorable, dangerous tactics.

-- Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D.