Dec. 14: Obama, Senate Fail To Confirm Judges

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 Huffington Post, Obama's Judges Blocked At Historic Rate, Ryan Grim, Dec. 14, 2010.
As the first congressional session of Obama's presidency draws to a close, what began as a slow process of confirmation has ballooned into a full-blown judicial crisis. The Senate has overseen the slowest pace of judicial staffing in at least a generation, with a paltry 39.8 percent of Obama's judges having been confirmed, according to numbers compiled by Senate Democrats. Of the 103 district and circuit court nominees, only 41 have been confirmed. By this time in George W. Bush's presidency, the Senate had confirmed 76 percent of his nominees. President Clinton was working at a rate of 89 percent at this point in his tenure.
Legal Schnauzer, Is Karl Rove Driving the Effort to Prosecute Julian Assange? Roger Shuler (portrayed at left), Dec.14, 2010.
Former Bush White House strategist Karl Rove likely is playing a leading role in the effort to prosecute WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, a source with ties to the justice community tells Legal Schnauzer. That Assange's legal troubles would originate in Sweden probably is not a coincidence, our source says. Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has been called "the Ronald Reagan of Europe," and he has a friendship with Rove that dates back at least 10 years, to the George W. Bush campaign for president in 2000. Reinfeldt reportedly asked Rove to help with his 2010 re-election in Sweden.
 OpEd News, What's Behind the War on WikiLeaks, Ray McGovern Dec. 13, 2010.
The corporate-and-government-dominated media appears apprehensive over the challenge that WikiLeaks presents. Perhaps deep down they know, as Dickens put it, "There is nothing so strong " as the simple truth."
Talk Left Report: VA Grand Jury Investigating Julian Assange, Jeralyn Merritt, Dec. 13, 2010.
Mark Stephens, attorney for Wikileaks' Julian Assange, appears on David Frost's al Jazeera TV show and says they've received word a grand jury has been empanelled in Alexandria, VA to investigate criminal charges. "We have heard from the Swedish authorities there has been a secretly empanelled grand jury in Alexandria...just over the river from Washington DC, next to the Pentagon," Stephens said. "They are currently investigating this, and indeed the Swedes we understand have said that if he comes to Sweden, they will defer their interest in him to the Americans.
WRRC-FM 107.7/Carson’s Corner, Bob Carson Interviews Justice Integrity Project Director Andrew Kreig, Dec. 14, 2010.
Bob Carson has officially jumped off the Obama  bandwagon after Obama made a deal with Senate Republicans to extend the Bush tax cuts. Bob calls this what it is: redistribution from the bottom to the top. Has Obama jeopardized Social Security? Plus Andrew Kreig, the executive director of the Justice Integrity Project, gives an update on the Governor Christie saga. “Christie's Corruption Case Shows Horrid Legacy of 'Loyal Bushies,' Cover-ups” is the latest report by the Justice Integrity Project, a non-partisan legal reform group based in Washington, DC.
HedgeCo.Net, Hedge Fund Ritchie Capital Challenges Court’s Decision Against Victims Rights,  Dec, 14, 2010.
Hedge fund investment firm, Ritchie Capital Management, L.L.C., has filed a petition for a Writ of Certiorari (a formal written order seeking judicial review), asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review decisions of the Minnesota Federal District Court and Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals denying restitution to the victims of Thomas Petters’ $3.5 billion hedge fund Ponzi scheme. (Petters shown at right.)
OpEd News, We Are So Screwed -- So Let's Not Take It Laying Down, Rob Kall, Dec. 13, 2010.
Time to Face Some Tough Reality and to Stand Up To the Right and to Liberals.
OpEd News, Why Progressives Should Run Against Obama and "Blue Dogs" in the 2012 Democratic Party Primaries, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Dec. 13, 2010.
There is a huge rebellion going on against the Democrats by their own supporters. Close to half of all Democrats voted with their feet in 2010 -- by not even bothering to vote. Many feel angry at specific policy betrayals.
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