Uncovering Obama’s CIA Family Secrets


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Few who rely on mainstream news outlets are aware that President Obama had intelligence ties in the 1980s before he worked as a community organizer in Chicago.    

Yet those ties are vital to understanding Obama’s rapid ascent to power and his administration policies. These include the domestic surveillance scandal, and the president’s willingness to expand U.S. involvement in Syria’s civil war while presiding over a domestic austerity budget.

Hidden dimensions of his family saga provide the most dramatic case history yet of how the Security-Industrial Complex (successor to “the Military-Industrial Complex” feared by President Eisenhower) recruited promising

American political candidates into the intelligence community during the Cold War, and then steered them into power if they could generate popular appeal.

This column is the second in a series drawn from my new book released on July 4, Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters. Documented with 1,200 endnotes, it covers more than a century of presidential history and intrigue. Several chapters focus on why Obama hid his family’s past to assist his political positioning.

The first column described Obama’s work for the CIA front company Business International Corporation (BIC), and Obama’s background enables us to understand his current policies.

Today, we explore the Obama-Dunham family history beginning in Kenya and in Kansas. The story proceeds to Hawaii, Indonesia, Chicago, and the White House.

The Inside Story
As an overview: Many young politicians, both United States and foreign-born, secretly cooperate with U.S. intelligence community. This community should be broadly defined to include not simply government office-holders at agencies such as the CIA, NSA and a dozen other major federal employers. Even more important, the term encompasses the real powers: the Wall Street financiers, defense contractors, and media/academic “thought-leaders” who constitute a permanent government above and beyond those who hold government jobs.

The relationship between this Security-Industrial Complex and talented leaders typically starts at college or military training. It continues with information sharing, job recommendations, and other career growth as the most talented, ambitious, and cooperative young politicos prosper in a revolving door between public and private sector posts. 

For the most part, future leaders recognize that their cooperation is a patriotic duty to fight Communism, whether in government or in a covert cooperating status. Naturally, benefits accrue also to those who cooperate. My research shows that all but one of recent U.S. presidents benefitted from secret relationships with the CIA or FBI during their twenties.

The relationships involve vastly more people than those interested in government work. Americans during the Cold War so widely feared Communism and threat of nuclear war that liberals and conservatives stood united for the most part in counter-measures that were either public or covert.

Thus, many foreign and U.S. students, journalists, academics, business executives, non-profit workers, and union leaders secretly cooperated with the CIA and other relevant agencies.  I saw this kind of relationship up close. My late mother, globe-trotting author Margaret Kreig, undertook secret work during the 1960s and 1970s on behalf of the CIA and federal drug enforcers, as I revealed in Presidential Puppetry.

This sort of work extended far beyond traditional law-and-order conservatives to include Americans of every political category. Many double agents gave the appearance of being radical left- wing activists. The CIA even funded the American Communist newspaper, The Daily Worker, according to evidence I obtained at the National Archives on one of my research visits.

Author and former Navy intelligence officer Wayne Madsen is at the forefront of the independent journalists researching such relationships involving the Obama family. My account below draws heavily from his book published last year, The Manufacturing of a President, http://www.amazon.com/product-reviews/0465063985/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?showViewpoints=1 as well as documentary evidence and historical materials that I independently reviewed.

His conclusions parallel also the findings of left-wing scholar Dr. Webster Tarpley, and conservative scholar Dr. Angelo Codevilla, among others. The mainstream media ignores all of them, their evidence, and their findings.

Meanwhile, a well-financed disinformation machine has kept prominent the “Birther” claim, which is that Obama was not born in the United States and is thus ineligible for the presidency. The claim, now believed by a significant minority of the public that hates the president, first arose from opposition researchers planning how to smear during the 2000 primaries Sen. John McCain, who was born in the Panama Canal Zone. Republican opponents of McCain never had to use the Birther argument because he began losing primaries. So, the concept was mothballed until Obama became a candidate.

Part the Birther phenomenon is Obama’s own fault. He is hiding so many secrets that he is vulnerable to bogus claims.
Kenya Connections

Kenya and Indonesia were two of the world’s major ideological battlegrounds during the Cold War.

Kenya’s pro-West leader Tom Mboya selected a youthful ally and fellow Luo, Barack Obama, Sr., to attend the University of Hawaii in 1959 on a coveted scholarship.

The photo at right shows a welcome reception for Obama. Stanley Dunham, his future father-in-law, is at his immediate right.

The photo raises the question of why Dunham, ostensibly a furniture salesman, would attend the event. Stanley’s daughter, Ann Dunham, met Obama in the fall of 1960 when she was a freshman, age 17, studying Russian in her first semester, according to standard bios.

One reason for her father to have welcome Obama Sr. would be if Stanley served as a secret local liaison for the CIA. It would thus be natural for him to help the university’s first student from Africa.    

Whether from lack of curiosity or sources, mainstream journalists typically ignore the photo and all such questions. Conventional accounts also downplay for the most part the national security motives for Washington officials to have created create the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii with a large appropriation in 1959. The center became a major hub for cultural and political interactions between the United States and Asia.

Barack Sr. and Ann, the parents of the future president, married briefly and separated soon after his birth in 1961.

According to other well-known parts of their story, Ann pursued anthropology studies at the East-West Center. She remarried to Lolo Soetoro, a fellow student. She followed him to his Indonesia homeland following a 1965 coup that toppled Sukarno, the nation’s left-leaning leader. Sukarno (who used only one name) had angered the United States by nationalizing factories and claiming non-aligned status and also tiling left in the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union.

Ann brought her young son to live in a nation undergoing one of the largest genocides in the century. Her work through the years as an English teacher, anthropologist and Ford Foundation grantee seemingly kept her removed from killings and politics. Her public image following her death remains as a loving single parent and as a strong, independent-minded do-gooder.

Deeper research reveals that anthropology and foundation work were notorious covers in Indonesia and elsewhere in the Third World for United States intelligence operatives who worked covertly on sensitive projects.

Ann’s New York-based supervisor at the Ford Foundation happened to be Peter Geithner, father of the controversial first-term Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner beginning in 2009. Mainstream news organizations virtually never report the Geithner link even in long profiles of the younger Geithner.

This kind of omission of Obama family ties with the well-connected is common in biographical materials about Obama, who began his administration with an executive order sealing certain of his records. Obama proceeded to become by far the most mysterious president in modern times in terms of personal and family records reported lost or sealed.

The Geithner relationship tends to underscore the Obama family’s links to the East Coast establishment. The Ford Foundation, like the other major foundations, serves at times as an operational arm of the nation’s dynastic powers and intelligence community in ways hidden because of their day-to-day activities dispensing largess. The Ford Foundation president during the 1960s was former White House National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy, a product of Yale’s Skull and Bones secret society. Under Bundy, the foundation heavily funded wacko radicals whose antics the effect (if not intention) of discrediting 1960s protest movements and fostering a “Silent Majority” on the right whose power has continued for  many years.

Ann’s mother, Madelyn, meanwhile, managed to ascend to a vice presidency at the Rockefeller-linked Bank of Hawaii without benefit of a college degree. Her job involved transferring money between the United States and large Asian accounts during an especially sensitive time because of the U.S. Vietnam War, the “Secret Wars” in Cambodia and Laos, and the CIA-led covert overthrow of the Sukarno government.

Was Madelyn’s stature at the Rockefeller-linked bank simply because of her capabilities?  Or was it also because she was trusted on intelligence work? The latter is a reasonable supposition given the overall evidence, including family background to extensive for this blog.

Meanwhile, Obama returned from Indonesia to live with his grandparents in Hawaii, attend an elite prep school, and at times hang out with his grandfather’s diverse friends. The included black radical from Chicago named Frank Marshall Davis and the former CIA operative William Lederer, author of The Ugly American and owner of a no-frills bar.

Part of what we know is reconstructed from brief anecdotes in Obama’s episodic memoir, Dreams From My Father, which uses composites at times that frustrate biographers.

Polemicists on the right, including several whom I have interviewed, have fostered vibrant national crusades and dark suspicions about Obama based on their discovery that Davis had been a Communist in Chicago in his younger days. The critics argue that he worked as a pornographer and mentored the young Obama to follow his path as a Communist.

Maybe. More likely, in my view, was that Davis was a burnt-out radical and blow-hard enjoying his last years in a bohemian lifestyle near the beach. He was far from any political arena, excerpt perhaps as a low-paid, occasional government informant.

Davis and the world-famous Lederer would be exactly the kinds of characters that a longtime intelligence operative such as Stanley Dunham might enjoy visiting. Dunham could thereby swap stories, stay in the game, and introduce his grandson.

Coming next: The Path To Power: Obama Family Secrets, Part II

For details and purchases, visit www.presidentialpuppetry.com. Details: 500 pages (includes notes, index). ISBN: 978-0-9886728-2-6 (hardcover, $33.95); ISBN: 978-0-9886728-1-9 (paperback; $27.95); $2.99 Ebook (two-week special offer), then $8.99. Available via Amazon.com and via other distributors. Contact for interviews, review copies: Jane Wilson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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