John Edward Hurley

John Edward Hurley is Chairman of the McClendon Group, which is named for the legendary White House correspondent Sarah McClendon and meets in the McClendon Room at the National Press Club.  His career in the journalism and non-profit world has included his work with the major media as a White House correspondent, as a commentator on News Talk America, and as a member of the Public Information Committee of the National Academy of Sciences.

In addition to his work with the major media, he is the Commander of the National Press Club American Legion Post, a member of the Board of Directors of the VA Medical Musical Group, and serves on the History and Heritage Committee of the National Press Club. 
He developed the public relations program that brought together the various breed registries that comprise the American Horse Council, was a long-time sponsor of the Rappahannock Hunt, and is a patron of the Thornton Hill Hounds. He also is President and Chairman of the Confederate Memorial Association's museum and library in Washington, DC. He is the historian for the John Barry Division of the Hibernians, and a co-founder of the Capitol Hill Civil War Roundtable. Throughout his career, he has had a special interest in the integrity of the court system and has hosted several news events on the subject, including one in 2009 covered by C-SPAN from the National Press Club.