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Additionally, I passed around to the audience sample books illustrating the themes of my talk, including the vital importance for all authors, whether published by large, small and self-published sectors, to think through book Phil Mikan Showindustry process not simply as a creator but as a big picture strategist. Finally, I noted that I had bought a membership in their group at the beginning of the year, and stood ready to help its members try to achieve their goals at similar speaking events in the region — and welcomed addition invitations myself.
After the free event at the library, located in Lorton, which is just south of Alexandria on Interstate 295, I invited all attendees to a book signing and extended Q&A over pizza and beer separately at a nearby restaurant, Vinny's Italian Grill at Gunston Plaza.
Thanks to the generosity of a Presidential Puppetry supporter who impulsively grabbed the check, we had delightful two-hour discussion over several of the restaurant's homey tables pulled together for the occasion, helping provide a model for this kind of low-budget message building at the community level.
Sharing similar values, albeit hundreds of miles north, was the longtime Connecticut broadcaster who invited me to return to his show to discuss Presidential Puppetry.
The Phil Mikan Show is simulcast on Connecticut stations WLIS-AM and WMRD-AM. The longtime host, a student of American history and current affairs, urged listeners to learn from Presidential Puppetry about why Washington is "broken" — except for the powerful and wealthy. He invited my return this week to continue the discussion.
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