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Richard Scrushy, Founder of Billion-Dollar Companies and Victim of Nationally Notorious Prosecution, Counsels on “Courtroom Setbacks”
At Annual Whistle Blowers Summit In DC July 29

Washington, DC — Richard M. Scrushy, the founder and former CEO of the billion-dollar HealthSouth, Inc. and co-defendant in one of the most widely condemned federal prosecutions in recent U.S. history, will share his hard-won insights July 29 on Capitol Hill.

Richard Scrushy on FoxScrushy will describe the inside story of his HealthSouth corporate donation in 1999 to the non-profit Alabama Education Foundation at the request of Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman. In what Scrushy calls the first prosecution of its kind in American history, the donation led to long prison sentences for both men despite gross courtroom irregularities and unprecedented nationwide protests by legal experts — plus ongoing petition protests to free the still-imprisoned Siegelman.
He received a 78-month term on corruption charges imposed by federal trial judge Mark Fuller, who has since become so scandal-ridden that after arrest for wife-beating he resigns his lifetime job Aug. 1. Regarding a related case, critics have unsuccessfully alleged conflicts by the lead attorneys enriched by a $500 million civil fraud judgment against Scrushy’s company. The attorneys played little-reported roles enabling Scrushy’s imprisonment during civil litigation.
Scrushy, still an entrepreneur and now also an author and motivational speaker, speaks at 4 p.m. on the opening day of the annual Whistle Blowers Summit to advise others on coping with the legal hardships that many whistleblowers must endure. At 6:30 p.m., he speaks before the National Press Club’s McClendon Group at a Dutch-treat dinner on the topic open to the public.

Many whistleblowers and other critics have documented irregularities of the federal Siegelman-Scrushy prosecution. In 2008, CBS “60 Minutes” presented Republican lawyer Dana Jill Simpson, who said that Scrushy, a Republican, was a fall guy targeted in a political plot to end the career of Siegelman, Alabama’s state’s most popular Democrat. In an unprecedented filing to the U.S. Supreme Court, 113 former state attorneys general — former chief law enforcers of more than 40 states ¬— protested prosecution.

Yet courts have consistently rejected the defendant’s major appeals, while dismissing some of the charges and slightly reducing the original sentences. Among many rejected appeals was Scrushy’s argument that the trial judge Fuller should have recused himself instead of hiding secret shareholdings of up to 44 percent of Doss Aviation, Inc. Unknown to defendants, Doss received $300 million in no-bid federal contracts for such purposes as training U.S. and Saudi Air Force pilots and refueling Air Force planes, including the presidential Air Force One.
Scrushy is now the president/CEO of the consulting company 7venth Power and last year published, “When Building A Billion Dollar Company” – Here Are A Few Things To Think About.” As indicated by his company website and book, his focus remains on business and positive motivational stories. These are drawn from his life story of entrepreneurial efforts arising from his modest origins. He was born in 1952 to working parents in Selma, Alabama, one of the birthplaces of the 1960s civil rights movement.

However, Scrushy has generously revisited on request the nightmare of his federal prosecution and imprisonment, which inflicted collateral damage not simply on the co-defendants (some of whom were acquitted) but also upon many families, including those of whistle blowers who stepped forward only to be crushed by government reprisal taking several forms.

In 2009, the Justice Department fired Tamarah Grimes, its top paralegal working on the Siegelman-Scrushy case, for example, after she complained of irregularities on the case to Attorney Gen. Eric Holder. Scrushy and the still-imprisoned former Jefferson County Commissioner Gary Smith, another Republican, separately claimed they turned down plea offers that would have won them leniency if they perjured themselves to implicate Siegelman.

Under the Bush and Obama administrations, the Justice Department has denied irregularities and vigorously fought all defendant appeals. President Obama’s first Solicitor General Elena Kagan, now a Supreme Court justice, signed briefs in 2009 opposing one major appeal.  

Scrushy will speak on a 4 p.m. panel at the Summit entitled "Political Prosecutions and the Danger to Democracy."  Two other speakers will share their powerful first-hand experiences fighting injustice regarding: 1) electronic surveillance of U.S. citizens without probable cause; and 2) the safety protection of U.S. presidents. The speakers on those issues will be:

●  Former Qwest Communications Chairman/CEO Joseph Nacchio, a critic of the new USA Freedom Act for what he describes as its inadequate privacy protections for the public; and

●  Abraham Bolden, 80, (via Skype because of his age), recruited by President John F. Kennedy to become the first African American Secret Service officer guarding a president. In Bolden’s memoir “The Echo from Dealey Plaza,” he alleged gross Secret Service misconduct.

Moderator Andrew Kreig directs the non-partisan Justice Integrity Project and has written extensively about the panelists, whose cases are treated in his forthcoming book Presidential Puppetry 2016: The Candidates’ Secrets.

Free registration for the Summit begins at 9 a.m. at the Stewart Mott House, 122 Maryland Ave, NE. Nacchio speaks also at a 10 a.m. news conference and Scrushy at a 6:30 p.m. dinner, both at the National Press Club, 529 14th St., NW. The Dutch-treat dinner is open to the public.  

About Richard M. Scrushy: Scrushy is President/ CEO of 7venth Power, Inc., which helps businesses achieve their goals. He founded and served as chairman/CEO two Fortune 500 companies with revenues in the billions of dollars. One became a leading healthcare company with 2,350 locations and employing more than 52,000 people. He helped found other companies, closing hundreds of acquisitions and raising billions of dollars. Married, he is a father of nine children and grandfather of six. He is also a commercial pilot, author, musician, and song writer. Details:  

About the Whistle Blowers Summit for Civil and Human Rights:  Beginning in May 2007, whistleblowers have convened annually for education and advocacy at a free conference in Washington, DC. The general theme for this year’s Summit from July 29-31 is “Black Lives Matter — The Movement!”  Summit panels and events include other major speakers, plus practical tips, book signings, other networking. Details: # # #

About Richard M. Scrushy

Richard Scrushy was born in 1952 in Selma, Alabama, a town known as the birthplace of the civil-rights movement. He grew up modestly in a home with working parents and he has an older sister and a younger brother. The Scrushy’s attended the Methodist church, where Mr. Scrushy sang in the youth choir and participated in the Methodist Youth Fellowship. He was active in Boy Scouts and little-league baseball, and at the age of eight, Richard taught himself to play piano and guitar. Throughout school, he played piano and organ at dances and parties.

Even at age twelve, Mr. Scrushy was proving himself to be a hard worker and a young entrepreneur. He worked at a local hamburger-and-milkshake stand and as a bellboy at a local hotel. During summers and weekends, he cut grass for neighbors and the local country club. At seventeen, Mr. Scrushy pumped gas and washed cars at a filling station, apprenticed with a brick mason, and handled parts and shipping at a tractor implement company.

Mr. Scrushy is a graduate of the University of Alabama in Birmingham and holds Honorary Doctorates from Birmingham Southern College, Troy University, and the University of Alabama. Mr. Scrushy served on the Board of Trustees of the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame where he also served as Chairman for several years. He was a member of the Board of Trustees of Troy University, Birmingham Southern College and the University of Alabama. Mr. Scrushy served on the boards of numerous companies including Integrated Health Services, Caremark, Capstone Capital, HealthSouth Corporation, Russ Pharmaceuticals and Gibson Guitars.

He is married to Leslie Jones Scrushy, and is a father of nine children and grandfather of six children. He is also a commercial instrument multiengine pilot, an author, a musician and a song writer.

7venth Power Announces the Release of a New Book Written By Their President and CEO

7venth Power announces the release of a new book written by their President and CEO. The new book is titled “WHEN BUILDING A BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY” – HERE ARE A FEW THINGS TO THINK ABOUT.

Whether you’re looking to expand a business or kick off an idea, this guide will inspire and instruct you along the entire journey toward building a billion-dollar company.

The goal of this book is simple: to provide inspiration to others, so they can build a solid business and grow it into a billion-dollar company.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a dream?

Are you looking for an idea to build into a business?

Do you own a business and need guidance on where to go next?

Then let CEO of 7venth Power, Inc., Richard Scrushy show you the path to success. He’s been involved in building billion-dollar companies, and in this book, he tells his life’s stories and situations to demonstrate how ideas can become real, lucrative businesses.

This is not a cookie-cutter approach to building a billion-dollar company-there is no such thing. But there are certain processes and phases that all companies experience, which this guide explains and illustrates with inspiration and encouragement.

It begins with a dream that you can only pursue by overcoming the fear of the unknown-obstacles, failures, humiliations-whatever form they may take, they can no longer stand in your way. Let Scrushy inspire and encourage you to take that first leap of faith.

Richard Scrushy is known as a dynamic and successful entrepreneur who founded, built, and served as chairman and CEO of two Fortune 500 companies-both listed on the NYSE and both with revenues in the billions of dollars. One of these became a leading, quality, cost-effective healthcare company with more than 2,350 locations worldwide and employing over 52,000 people.

Over a twenty-year period, Scrushy specialized in the founding and funding of many other companies, closing hundreds of acquisitions and raising billions of dollars in company debt and equity.

Richard Scrushy now serves as President and CEO of 7venth Power, Inc., a company that assists businesses in achieving their goals by building their customer base and creating growth strategies that unleash profits, improves return on investment, and eliminate waste and unnecessary expenses.

The company also assists entrepreneurs in building their business plans and directing them in their pursuit of raising funds to finance their dream.

The book can be purchased on our web site or on


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