Whistle Blower Summit Features Free Film Screening

Whistle Blower Summit Features Free Film Screening, Book Signing, Awards

Among the special events at the annual Whistle Blowers Summit July 29-31 will be awards presentations and also a film screening and author book signing July 30 at the Busboys & Poets flagship store.

The Pillar Journalism Awards for Human Rights recognize those who talent and courage make them "Pillars" of democracy. This year's winners are: 

  • Sharyl AttkissonFor print: Tom Engelhardt of TomDispatch.
  • For broadcast: Abby Martin, independent journalist and formerly with RTV, and Dennis Bernstein, host of Flashpoint Radio on KPFA.  
  • For documentaries: Kristina Borjesson.
  • For activism: Riki Ott, a guest on the radio show, "From a Woman’s Point of View," July 30.

The film and signing session from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m will include a free screening from one or more of the following films nominated for the Summit’s Pillar Award:

A2-B-C ; Kill The Messenger; Silenced; The Hidden Enemy; TWA Flight 800.

The event is sponsored by Sharyl Attkisson (shown in a file photo) from her proceeds of her memoir: Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama's Washington. The locale is Busboys and Poets at 2021 14th Street, NW, near V Street.

Other authors expected at the signing are, beginning with event organizers:

•    Michael McCray — ACORN 8: Race, Power & Politics: Memoirs of an ACORN Whistleblower

•    Tom Devine — Corporate Whistleblowers Survival Guide

•    Stephen Kohn — The Whistleblower’s Handbook

•    Andrew Kreig — Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney, and Their Masters

•    Dianne Andrews — Gumbo For The Heart

•    Cheryl Dorsey — Black & Blue

•    Steven Druker — Altered Genes, Twisted Truth: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public

•    Michael Quinn — Walking With The Devil: The Police Code of Silence

•    Mike Volpe — The Definitive Dossier on PTSD in Whistleblowers

Beginning in May 2007, whistleblowers have convened annually for education and advocacy at a free conference in Washington, DC. The theme for this year’s Summit is “Black Lives Matter — This Is the Movement!”  Details
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