Hollywood Link to Kadafi’s Son Reported

James HirsenLibyan dictator Moammar Kadafi's third son, Saadi, was a financier of a Hollywood production company that announced $100 million in 2009 to use for new film projects, according to a news report by James Hirsen, a guest Sept. 15 on MTL Washington Update. The live  show with my co-host Scott Draughon on the My Technology Lawyer radio network may be heard by archive. Click for link here. Our first guest was author Jan Goodwin, as reported below. We addressed also highlights of the week's news, with a summary of major stories below.

Hirsen, an author, law professor and Newsmax Hollywood correspondent, published a column reporting: “In addition to funding from Saadi, Natural Selection was backed by various private equity groups both domestically and internationally.”  Hirsen today will draw on the larger lessons:  “As is fairly typical with regard to Hollywood funding,” he wrote, “there weren’t a whole lot of people who seemed to care whether or not the source of the seed money might be coming from a notorious Middle East regime.”  For details, tune in and visit his site.

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Sept. 15 Radio: Jan Goodwin, Cutting-Edge Critic

Jan GoodwinOn Sept. 15, investigative journalist Jan Goodwin discussed on my WashJan Goodwinington Update radio show two articles that won first-place awards in this year’s annual Clarion competition for major magazines. In her rare double-win, Goodwin received one award for “The VA Healthcare System’s Dishonorable Conduct” in Good Housekeeping about substandard care for women in Veterans Administration hospitals. The other, besting 400 other entries, was for “Broken Promises: Seeking Political Asylum in America” in Ladies Home Journal.

The path-breaking foreign correspondent and culture expert has authored two books. Price of Honor: Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World (2003) included the author's theme that the Prophet Mohammad was a strong advocate of women's rights whose authoritative views have been wildly distorted in modern times by Muslim leaders. Caught in the Crossfire (1987) describes her 1980s experiences in Afghanistan as a war correspondent. The scene at right shows the author, at center, with Taliban fighters in Afghanistan shortly before their attack on a Russian installation.The discussion was with my longtime co-host Scott Draughon, founder of the My Technology Lawyer Radio network that has broadcast our weekly shows live worldwide for more than five years. Click here to listen by archive.

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Siegelman: President Needs to Engage His Moral GPS

Editor's Note: The Justice Integrity Project presents as guest columnist former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman (1999-2003). He was his state's leading Democrat until he was convicted in 2006 of corruption charges trumped up by the Bush Justice Department, as we and others have documented in such investigations as Siegelman Deserves New Trial Because of Judge’s ‘Grudge’, Evidence Shows….$300 Million in Bush Military Contracts Awarded to Judge’s Private Company. An appendix below excerpts sample coverage. The former governor, free on bail pending resentencing before his trial judge, describes in his column below his reaction to our new report, Obama Team Feared Revolt If He Prosecuted War Crimes. Tens of thousands of blog readers have seen the report, based upon on-the-record material. A longer version with more hotlinks is here. As background, Siegelman began public life as a student leader in 1964 calling for peaceful compliance at the first public school to be integrated in Alabama. This was Murphy High School in Mobile in the year following court-ordered integration of the University of Alabama. His state was the scene of other iconic civil rights battles, including the first peaceful protests by the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the 1964 bombing of a Birmingham church by racists, killing black children.


By Don Siegelman

Don SiegelmanPeople are guided in their actions by their moral compass, by their moral GPS. If you don't have your moral GPS on, or if you don't have your moral compass locked in, then you're going to be swinging wildly from one direction to the other. But if you're guided by your sense of morality, then you will try to do the right thing. That doesn't always mean you'll succeed. But you can try.

With regard to your [Justice Integrity Project] story about torture, clearly if one's moral compass is locked in, the decision is easy to make that the United States does not tolerate torture as a means of interrogation. The President should have pursued those responsible for implementing torture as a means of interrogation, and could have explained to the country that this is something that we must do, in order for countries throughout the world, and peoples throughout the world, to once again have respect for the United States. He could explain to the people of the United States that his decision to pursue those responsible for torture was going to be unsettling to some high-ranking officials both in the military and those in the former Bush Administration.

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Next Steps following Obama DOJ Revelations

Barack ObamaOur Project reports this week prompted extraordinary reader interest on independent websites about the Obama transition team's post-election fear of a "revolt" by authorities if President Obama vigorously probed Bush-era war crimes. But the corporate-controlled media reported nothing, as far as we can tell. Our information came entirely on the record from University of California at Berkeley Law School Dean Christopher Edley, Jr. And he was in a position to know such things as the sixth highest-ranking member of the 2008 post-election transition team preparing for the Obama’s administration.

What's next? I suggest building on what we now know about the Obama team's early fears, and pushing for at least one intrepid MSM mainstream reporter to explore the story for wider audiences. My piece on OpEd News quickly gained more than 15,000 page views and 100 reader comments thanks to prominent placement by publisher/editor Rob Kall and alerts via Facebook alerts by the equally tireless Michael Collins, founder of The Money Party commentary site. But this kind of information needs to be part of the larger dialogue about who should  lead the United States. It's less than impressive if a leader seeking an Obama-sized mandate is intimidated by the military/CIA and NSA as well as by the other major party.

Listed below are multiple versions of the story, including by such other bloggers as Roger Shuler and David Swanson. Multiple listings enables sampling of reader comments. We can see that Obama's positions on torture and political prosecutions has cost him support of some former backers, whereas others forgive him. Our review below also recaps recent news on related justice issues, including political prosecutions in New Jersey and Alabama and the secret escalation of war-making power by the CIA, which was organizing originally as an intelligence operation and not a war-making unit.  

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Obama Team Feared Coup If He Probed War Crimes

President-Elect Obama’s advisors feared in 2008 that authorities would revolt and that Republicans would block his policy agenda if he prosecuted Bush-era war crimes, according to a law school dean who served as one of Christopher EdleyObama’s top transition advisers.

University of California at Berkeley Law School Dean Christopher Edley, Jr., left, the sixth highest-ranking member of the 2008 post-election transition team preparing Obama's administration, revealed the team's thinking on Sept. 2 in moderating a forum on 9/11 held by his law school (also known as Boalt Hall).

Edley sought to justify Obama's "look forward" policy on Bush-era lawbreaking that the president-elect announced on a TV talk show in January 2009.

But Edley's rationale implies that Obama and his team fear the military/national security forces that he is supposed be commanding.

It suggests also that Republicans have intimidated him right from the start of his presidency even though voters in 2008 rejected Republicans by the largest combined presidential-congressional mandate in recent U.S. history. Edley responded to our request for additional information by providing a description of the transition team's fears, which we present below as an exclusive email interview. Among his important points is that transition officials, not Obama, agreed that he faced the possibility of a "revolt."

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How To Deal With a Death Threat

Roger ShulerMy Alabama colleague Roger Shuler this week published two powerful blogs addressing what he justifiably regards as a threat of death or other serious harm delivered by email Monday. "Yours is coming -- Don't Worry," said the email. The coding indicates that it came from a computer located near Shuler's home in Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city.

Shuler, portrayed at left with Murphy, his late pet, has turned this week's challenge into a useful educational tool. That's the kind of useful information readers of his Legal Schnauzer blog have come to expect in his fearless, near-daily, four-year campaign to expose the most abusive lawyers and public officials in his region. In that spirit, his two columns this week describe why he decided to report this threat after ignoring in print many previous ones. He describes steps he's taken to protect himself and his family, plus practical guidance for readers who fear anonymous threats for themselves and family. His guidance may be unique. But his experience of receiving a threat is not. Bloggers and critics of major companies and public officials are especially vulnerable to anonmyous reprisals. Malefactors may even include supposed "friends" or government contractors, as we recently reported. Check out his tips below, and share your own.

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