This "Readers Guide to the RFK Assassination" presents key books, videos, documents, websites and other archives most relevant to 1968 Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy's fatal shooting just after midnight June 5, 1968.

Robert F. KennedyThe materials focus heavily on remaining questions about responsibility and motive for Kennedy's shooting at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles shortly after his victory in the California Democratic primary appeared to pave the way for his presidential nomination. Shown below is his victory speech shortly before he was gunned down while leaving via a kitchen pantry to avoid crowds.

Included also in this guide compiled by our Justice Integrity Project is research that explores the assassination's current implications for the U.S. justice system and other governance.

The materials contain varied perspectives in a style common to other topics in our series, which includes guides to the assassinations of President Kennedy in 1963 and the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4, 1968.

Readers of each can find abundant evidence of covert official involvement, including in the crimes and cover-up. But we provide also books and other evidence supporting Robert Kennedy Victory Speech Ambassador Hotel, June 6, 1968the official verdicts. In the case of RFK's murder, a jury found in 1969 that Sirhan Sirhan acted alone to kill Kennedy and wound five others with shots fired in the hotel's pantry.

Thus, our operative principle in this project is to raise informed questions aggressively but also to provide sufficient evidence for readers to reach your own conclusions.

The continued public suspicions about the deaths of JFK, MLK and RFK (as the victims were known) have been fostered by the highly irregular legal procedures involving each death, including suppression of relevant documents and fear among witnesses and investigators. 

One illustration of the continuing controversy was the dramatic but unsuccessful plea this year by Kennedy's friend Paul Schrade to California's parole board to Sirhan Sirhanfree Sirhan on the grounds of innocence in killing Kennedy.

Schrade, now 91, said he was undoubtedly shot by Sirhan in the forehead at the hotel. But, Schrade maintained, Sirhan could not possibly have shot Kennedy because the New York senator was killed from a point-blank shot from behind, according to medical evidence, whereas Sirhan was always several feet in the front of the senator. Sirhan's defenders say he was a patsy and victim of mind-control being unjustly held to enable the real killer to escape. Sirhan is shown in a mug shot soon after his arrest. He says he cannot remember relevant details.

Paul Schrade Associated Press pool

Schrade's reaction is shown during the February parole hearing, as illustrated by an Associated Press pool photograph of the proceedings, which have been marked for decades by unusual secrecy and arbitrary decision-making.

For such reasons, the new Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA) has been created as a non-partisan citizen group advocating release of sealed records pertaining to major suspected political assassinations.

This editor is one of CAPA's founding directors. Information from these Readers Guides is expected to be summarized on CAPA's site, subject to CAPA's review procedures from its board of scientific, historical, and legal experts and reader feedback.

Another development the continued publication of new revelations, reflections and scholarship. Los Angeles reporter Fernando Faura will publish on June 6The Polka Dot File regarding his investigation immediately after the shooting of the mysterious woman in the polka dot dress who supposedly yelled "We shot him" and then disappeared.

Fernando FauraFaura said murder investigations completely disregarded his evidence when he presented it after the shooting, which he and others claim exemplified a pattern of stifling other leads to RFK's murder.

Among other recent and planned books (described below) are those of a more historical nature that illustrate the continuing importance of the RFK death, particularly after the JFK and MLK murders had wiped out the other two major progressive leaders of their era.

The goal here is to create a continually updated Readers Guide that provides perspective both on the 2016 elections and on other civic issues as the 50th anniversary of the RFK and MLK killings approaches in 2018.

Especially disturbing for this 2016 election season is the widespread notion promoted by the mass media that all three of the 1960s murders are long-settled issues that concern only wacko "conspiracy theorists" or history "buffs." Even minimal research would illustrate many major security, legal, and propaganda issues that are highly relevant to current affairs and decision-making by the next group of elected and appointed officials taking charge on the world stage.

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A new "Readers Guide to the MLK Assassination" provides key books, videos, documents, websites and other archives most relevant to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s murder on April 4, 1968.

Martin Luther King Measure of a Man coverIn a rare combination, the materials focus heavily on questions still remaining regarding responsibility and motive for King's shooting in Memphis, TN. Included also is research that explores the assassination's current implications for the U.S. justice system and other governance.

The materials contain varied perspectives. Readers can find evidence of injustice and official cover-up. But evidence is provided also for the official explanations and defenses of the official verdict that the late James Earl Ray, an ex-convict, acted alone to kill King with a single shot from a rooming house bathroom window.

The format thus parallels our 31-part Readers Guide to the JFK Assassination. Authorities have consistently maintained that Ray was a lone criminal, much like oft-disputed allegations against President John F. Kennedy's accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

William Pepper The Plot To Kill KingThe first installments of our MLK readers guide feature two timely elements as of this writing in mid-2016.

One is the announcement this spring of the new Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA) as a non-partisan citizen group advocating release of sealed records pertaining to major suspected political assassinations, including of King ("MLK") and Kennedy ("JFK"). This editor is one of CAPA's founding directors. Information from this website is expected to be excerpted on CAPA's site, subject to CAPA's review procedures from its board of scientific, historical, and legal experts.

Another development this spring is the scheduled June 21 publication of The Plot To Kill King, the third and final volume in a series by King's friend Dr. William F. Pepper, an attorney and educator who represented the accused killer James Earl Ray beginning in 1978.

Pepper has long argued that Ray was the designated patsy in a plot by King opponents to use contract killers from the Mafia to kill the civil rights leader, with a back up plan for an Army sniper team to kill King under secret orders if the Mafia killer missed.

The reasons? Pepper maintains that the murder was ordered because King was expanding his advocacy against war and economic injustice in ways far more threatening to elite interests than King's opposition to civil rights abuses via segregation and voting rights restrictions.

In remarkable sleuthing that resulted in evidence from whistleblowers and suspects, Pepper documented his argument in part via confessions.

Pepper described the killing in two previous books, most notably An Act of State (first published in 2003) based on the successful civil suit King v. Jowers that he litigated on behalf of King's surviving family members. A Shelby County jury deliberated less than an hour in 1999 to find that restaurant owner Lloyd Jowers was liable in the case. Jowers was one of the conspirators that Pepper describes as being persuaded to confess, at least in part. Pepper said he and the family regretted that a suit against Jowers appeared to be the only way to pursue the case because authorities would not do so.

Pepper says the murder occurred with backup support from federal, state and local government operatives who perpetrated a cover-up that continues for the most part to the present.

Pepper has said he never would have represented Ray unless he were "one hundred percent certain" of the accused man's innocence.

Pepper's new book is reputed to include explosive new allegations against named individuals, with details still under wraps. In May, Pepper outlined on a panel with me in New York City the pervasive nature of political assassinations in history, including Socrates and Julius Caesar. We shall report separately on that panel as the next installment of this series. 

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The Obama State Department vigorously defended in a special briefing this week its proposed trade agreement and plans to assist migrants on a humanitarian basis.

During an all-day briefing May 16  for 30 opinion writers convened from across the country, Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken took the lead in reiterating support for each policy, thereby rebutting opposition from many 2016 presidential candidates and state officials from both major parties.

Antony Blinken State Department JIPFirst, he rebutted criticisms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) tentative agreement. The TPP is pending before Congress after years of negotiation among 11 nations for a system of tariff-reductions and administrative policies.

“We see it here from a strategic position, not just trade,” said Blinken, shown in a Justice Integrity Project photo during his remarks. “Trade is going to happen. Who is going to write the rules? If it’s China the rules will not be to our liking.”

On the refugee issue, Blinken said war and other oppressive conditions are creating refugee conditions so dire that the United States and other advanced nations must address despite public opposition being voice against emigration policies, including President Obama's plan to allow some 10,000 refugees to enter the country from Syria after they are vetted as safe by the Department of Homeland Security.

Australian Ambassador to the U.S. Joe Hockey and Florida Sun Sentinel's Rosemary O'Hara (May 16, 2016 JIP Photo)He attacked "hateful rhetoric" by unnamed individuals who, he said, conflate "refugees with terrorists."

Eight other senior Obama administration officials amplified Blinken's overview in the all-day briefing delivered to the Association for Opinion Journalists for the 16th year. Australia's Ambassador to the United States Joe Hockey hosted an off-the-record discussion also at his 18-room official residence May 15. He is shown during a dialog that Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Page Editor Rosemary O'Hara conducted with him.

Association members, primarily editorial page editors at major regional newspapers, attended. This editor, a member of the association, attended each event on behalf of our project.  

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The nation faces an unprecedented threat to voter turnout in this fall’s elections according to civil rights advocates speaking at a National Press Club News Conference May 13 in Washington, DC.

“This is the first presidential election cycle to be conducted without the full protection of the Voting Rights Act of 1965,” said Kristen Clarke, president of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. “The heart of it [the law] is preclearance for voting rights changes in states with a long history of voter suppression.”

The news conference was part of an ongoing series by the press club's Newsmakers Committee of about two topics a month regarded as especially important. 

Clarke (shown in a photo by Noel St. John) and others alleged that the Supreme Court’s 2013 party-line 5-4 decision in Shelby County v. Holder voiding the law has made it possible for partisan election officials to reduce voting by likely opponents.

In a suit by Alabama Shelby County officials, the high court’s Republican majority overturned as unconstitutional congressional requirements that the Justice Department preclear major changes in voting law by localities with a history of bias.

The court said preclearance could be legal if Congress renews its data. But GOP majorities have shown scant support for hearings and otherwise updating the law.

The stakes are high said Leadership Conference on Civil Rights President/CEO Wade Henderson. “In the United States, voting is the language of democracy,” he said. “If you don’t vote you don’t count.”

He and Clarke agreed that new requirements for photo identifications “are Public Enemy Number One” to those who would like to see the nation’s voting turnout rise from its current position of 31st in a global survey of 34 advanced industrial nations.

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Three journalists who helped break the "Panama Papers" secret asset scandal last month described May 12 at the National Press Club their year-long secret investigation of hidden assets, as well as innovative methods and future implications.  

ICIJ at NPC May 12, 2016 Noel St. JohnIn the largest leak probe in journalism history, some 376 investigative journalists from 80 countries worked collaboratively to report stories beginning April 3 on 11.5 million financial records from the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca.

The firm is one of the world's top creators of shell companies that hide the assets of the wealthy. The probe has prompted official resignations and ongoing investigations in several nations.

Also, the probe coordinated by International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has created hope that a new model can augment traditional investigative reporting, which is so expensive and otherwise difficult that most news organizations have curtailed ambitious projects.

"Collaboration is the way to go," said ICIJ deputy director Marina Walker Guevara, "not the 'lone wolf' model." She is shown with her ICIJ colleagues Will Fitzgibbon (at left) and Kevin Hall (at far right), the chief economics correspondent for McClatchy chain of newspapers. Panel moderator Thomas Burr, press club president and Washington correspondent for the Salt Lake Tribune, is at center in the photo republished courtesy of photographer Noel St. John.

"The Panama Papers," she said, "show an array of behavior far beyond tax evasion," and include traffic in drugs, arms, and people (for sex).

Burr opened the discussion by noting that one of ICIJ's first meetings on its scoop occurred in secret nearly a year previous at the club in the room right behind where the panel was sitting. "Honestly," he said,"we at the club had no idea what they were talking about. Until now. That was one of the first meetings of the consortium of journalists who are investigating what we now call 'the Panama Papers.'"

Charles "Chuck" Lewis (American University)ICIJ began breaking its story, Giant leak of offshore financial records exposes global array of crime and corruption. April 3 on its site. Charles Lewis (shown in a file photo), an American University journalism professor, best-selling author and former ABC and CBS News producer, founded ICIJ in 1997.

Partner news organizations around the world published or broadcast their own versions under a plan whereby ICIJ controlled the timing, but participating outlets controlled the subject and approach.

ICIJ's story began:

A massive leak of documents exposes the offshore holdings of 12 current and former world leaders and reveals how associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin secretly shuffled as much as $2 billion through banks and shadow companies. The leak also provides details of the hidden financial dealings of 128 more politicians and public officials around the world.

The cache of 11.5 million records shows how a global industry of law firms and big banks sells financial secrecy to politicians, fraudsters and drug traffickers as well as billionaires, celebrities and sports stars.

These are among the findings of a yearlong investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and more than 100 other news organizations.

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Donald Trump's explosive claim May 3 that Rafael Cruz may have known Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans before JFK's assassination in Dallas has since provided a case study in news coverage of sensitive issues.

Regardless of what one thinks of Trump, the reaction to his comments illustrate how he threatens the Washington establishment, including reporters and pundits who slant important news regarding the presidency. Trump showed also that he is careless at best in his commentary. He initially said the man in the photo below was Cruz, father of Texas senator Ted Cruz. Later, Trump falsely told CNN that he had merely wondered whether the man was Rafael Cruz.

Lee Harvey Oswald, Aug. 16, 2016 Johann Rush/WSDU-TVPerhaps even more important, Washington insiders are beginning to share a view that candidates risk unprecedented exposure of their darkest secrets in a campaign that will be far more ruthless, unpredictable and momentous than the public can expect from controlled media. This is indicated by, among other things, a report May 5 by the experienced commentator Pepe Escobar, accessible via his Facebook account: How Trump Did It; The Outside The Box Gambit.

Update: Ted Cruz suspended his campaign after Trump trounced him in Indiana's primary by a 53-37 percent margin. Trump was winning also the vast majority of the 57 delegates at stake. In the Democratic race, Bernie Sanders upset Hillary Clinton 52-48 percent with most votes tabulated.

Escobar asserted that a major reason Cruz suspended his campaign was to stop criticism of his family's past. "Of course," added political commentator Joe Lauria, "Cruz also realized that after losing Indiana he would not be able to force a contested convention."

Let's start decoding this situation. In response to campaign efforts by Cruz on behalf of his son before the crucial GOP Indiana primary May 3, Trump said Cruz helped Oswald distribute pro-Castro leaflets in New Orleans three months before President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963.

“His father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald's being — you know, shot. I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous,” Trump said during a phone interview with Fox News, referring to the man in the necktie at center in the photo. “What is this, right prior to his [JFK] being shot, and nobody even brings it up? They don't even talk about that. That was reported, and nobody talks about it.”

"This is nuts," Ted Cruz responded in defending his father from Trump's charges as voting began during Indiana's crucial primary May 3. "This man [Trump] is a pathological liar....The man is utterly amoral. Morality does not exist for him."

With the stakes so high both in the JFK probe and the current election, the facts and reporting are worth exploring here in a report updated May 5 from our original coverage two days previous:

Federal authorities and the major media have always argued in essence that Oswald acted alone to kill JFK on Nov. 22, 1963. True, the establishment occasionally floats also oddball theories attributed to cranks and "conspiracy theorists."

Ted Cruz Father Linked To JFK Assasination (National Enquirer)But their core conclusion, right from the start, has been that Oswald killed JFK alone, as we reported in Major Media Stick With Oswald 'Lone Gunman' JFK Theory. Yet many serious researchers, law enforcement and scientific whistle blowers, and other suppressed voices have long argued that Oswald was a scapegoat who acted with others at a minimum, and may even have been innocent of killing either JFK or a Dallas policeman that day.

Critics of the 1964 Warren Commission draw on a vast array of evidence to show involvement, often compartmentalized by those who did not know the ultimate result of their actions, by rogue elements of government, business, the mob, and Cuban refugee community, with the result that Kennedy was replaced.

To hint at such a monstrous concept means career oblivion even now for prominent officials, pundits and academics. That has long been the case. Declassified 1960s documents show that the CIA orchestrated a campaign to discredit as "conspiracy theorists" those who suggested government misconduct in the JFK case and subsequent mysterious events extending to the present. We summarized the evidence in a 2014 column: Don't Be Fooled By 'Conspiracy Theory' Smears.

That pattern helps explain the instant attacks on Trump May 3 and absence of virtually any commentator willing to explore whether his comments might have a basis in fact worth exploring.

In contrast, investigative reporter Wayne Madsen first reported April 7 evidence strongly suggesting that Rafael Cruz was the mystery man photographed handing out literature on Aug. 16, 1963 in New Orleans. This as outside the International Trade Mart, a significant gateway to Caribbean and Latin America business.

New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison later unsuccessfully prosecuted the trade mart's leader, Clay Shaw, on claims that he was an intelligence asset who conspired to murder the president in a plot involving the president's opponents, including rogue elements of intelligence agencies, other federal authorities, and police.

Nonetheless, Madsen was careful not to conclude definitively that the mystery man in the photo was the elder Cruz. After Madsen's story was published he appeared on a New Orleans radio station that week to ask listeners for help in an ongoing investigation on the mystery man's identity. Similarly, Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes aptly told a CNN audience that Trump was raising questions about the photo and related research, and not accusing Ted Cruz's father of plotting murder.

By contrast, dishonest commentators are fudging all distinctions to ridicule and thereby suppress any further inquiry.

In the photo above by the late Johann Rush of WSDU-TV in New Orleans, Oswald is at front left in a white shirt and necktie. He stands next to man never publicly identified by the Warren Commission, center, and also in white shirt. They were handing out leaflets for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee outside the trade mart. The National Enquirer reported that it determined through photo analysis by experts that the man is Rafael B. Cruz, father of GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

The mainstream media -- major newspapers, wire services and broadcast networks -- have always been virtually unified in denunciations of Garrison and his team. Their message remains largely in place until today. Why? The reasons relate to a hidden history encompassing the CIA's empire-building and anti-Communist goals. These serve the agency's Wall Street and other elite controllers. Willing allies with the agency include the major media (whose ownership is, of course, part of "Wall Street"), the Cuban exile community, organized crime, and military contractors, all of whom are occasional allies, as we know know from declassified documents and books.

Thus Madsen's reporting represented a remarkable challenge to the government and media establishment and all who hope for career success within those career paths. He has not been alone in this, of course. More than two thousand books have been written about the JFK death building on the revelations of many whistleblowers, including from the CIA and law enforcement community. More recently, those amplifying questions about a possible Cruz connection to Oswald have included Indiana blogger and attorney Gary Welsh (found dead earlier this month, ruled suicide at age 53). The National Enquirer raised the profile in a cover story last week, and the McClatchy News Service published a balanced news story, and then came Trump's interview on Fox May 3.

We still do not know whether Rafael Cruz was passing out literature in New Orleans with Oswald. The circumstances suggest that Oswald and his fellow leaflet distributors were government assets, including natives of Cuba. Rafael Cruz has lived his life in largely mysterious fashion, despite publishing a memoir this year and many public appearances both on the campaign trail and as a pastor.

Our own Justice Integrity Project reporting through the years and more intensively since Madsen's scoop suggest compelling evidence that the elder Cruz was indeed part of Oswald's effort in New Orleans. Yet major media are now nearly unanimous in continuing the cover up of any thorough inquiry, which could readily be accomplished with in-depth interviews of surviving participants, release of suppressed documents or even a grand jury investigation.

Instead, Madsen (shown in a file photo) and the National Enquirer are now the targets of venom by both the mainstream media and those on alternative website whose chose tool is snark, not any demonstrable knowledge of the JFK or other political assassinations or sex scandals.

By contrast, Madsen with a three-part series in 2006 broke the story that House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) was a gay pedophile hiding his past as a lecherous high school wrestling coach. The mainstream ignore the series and now never gives him credit despite Hastert's guilty plea and sentencing. Similarly, the Enquirer has broken many major scandals covered up elsewhere and yet is automatically ridiculed even though it has almost never had to pay a verdict for defamation for wrong reporting.

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