January, 2022


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Jan. 6

National Press Club, Club member to discuss book tracing today's far-right tactics back to Nazis on Jan. 6, Andrew Kreig, Dec. 18, 2021. The National Press Club's Member Author Book Group will hold a virtual event at 7 p.m. Jan. 6 with Club member Wayne Madsen discussing his latest book, The Rise of the Fascist Fourth Reich: The Era of Trumpism and the New Far-Right.

The event is open to all Club members. To be admitted, you must RSVP by email to Heather Forsgren Weaver at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to wayne madsen fourth reich coverreceive the link and be put on the guest list.

The event will coincide with the one-year anniversary of the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, when supporters of Donald Trump tried to disrupt the certification of state-certified Electoral College ballots confirming Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.

The Rise of the Fascist Fourth Reich is the 21st book by Madsen, an investigative reporter and former naval intelligence officer, who draws on research into the Trump family’s history, and the methods used by ultra-right groups in the 1920s and extending to the present day.

He compares the tactics used in the past with those being used currently by ultra-right leaders in the United States, Europe and Latin America to undermine traditional bulwarks of democracy such as voting, legislatures, the court system and the press.

Madsen, author of a daily investigative column, has appeared on numerous broadcasts. His Navy career included investigating Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard and a yearlong detail as a technology analyst at the National Security Agency.

The Club’s Member Author Book Group is organizing the virtual gatherings as part of ongoing efforts to produce events for Club members to promote their recently published books. To inquire about the group, contact Joe Motheral at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The group meets at noon on the second Tuesday of the month, though current sessions have been virtual.

December, 2021


As a special event: Rally for the victims of Jeffery Epstein on December 4, 2021!

              • Where: 1 Saint Andrews Plaza, New York, New York 10007
              • When:  1:00 PM

Details: Jeffrey Epstein trafficked underage girls for 25 years, and he’s the most prolific American child trafficker ever acknowledged by law enforcement. The media has sanitized the Epstein trafficking network by ostensibly determining that the youngest Epstein victims were 14 years old, even though multiple accounts state that they were as young as 11 or 12 years old.

A Sheer Post article published in August by Nick Bryant, left, “The Jeffrey Epstein Coverup: Pedophilia, Lies and Videotape,” demonstrates that more than two years nick bryant hsafter Epstein’s death federal law enforcement has utterly ignored indicting the procurers and perpetrators in the Epstein network.

Since Epstein’s death, over two years ago, the Justice Department and FBI have only indicted one of the perps—Ghislaine Maxwell—in the Epstein network. The many procurers and perps who colluded with Epstein have been unscathed by federal law enforcement. Epstein’s victims have courageously sought justice through civil litigation, but should the demand for justice fall solely on the shoulders of Epstein’s victims?

No! And you can help. Please sign our petition that is supported by seven Jeffrey Epstein victims, 40 anti-trafficking organizations and thousands of concerned citizens, demanding that the procurers and perpetrators in the Epstein trafficking network be brought to justice.

As a country dedicated to children’s safety, we must make a stand and pressure the government to bring the Epstein procurers and perpetrators to justice. We cannot send a message to the world that perpetrators in America who have wealth and power can molest our children with impunity. And if we allow the Justice Department to be apathetic and unresponsive to victims in a proven trafficking case, that sends a message to millions of victims that they have no voice and no hope for justice. Victims in the United States and around the world need to see that these child molesters are brought to justice.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter," said Martin Luther King, Jr.

The New York Police Department is issuing a permit for us to assemble in front of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, located at 1 Saint Andrews Plaza, New York, New York 10007, on Saturday December 4, 2021, at 1:00 PM.

The rally will be held a week after Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial commences. Our assembly will be peaceful and politically non-partisan. The Justice Department under four presidential administrations—George W. Bush, Barak Obama, Donald Trump, and now Joseph Biden—have failed to indict the perpetrators in Epstein’s pedophile network. #KidsToo/EpsteinJustice is not about politics, it's about the protection of our children.

Silence merely empowers perpetrators. Email a question to the organizers or ask for info about organizing a rally in your community.


November, 2021


  • Conferences
    • CAPA Conference (via Zoom)
    • JFK Assassination Conference (In Person and via remote viewing)
    • JFK Lancer "November In Dallas" Conference (via Zoom)



Nov. 4

oliver stone newseum

Filmmaker Oliver Stone poses with a display showing his iconic 1991 film JFK. A sequel, "JFK Revisited," was previewed last summer at the Cannes Film Festival and is being released this month in the United States via Showtime on Nov. 22 (Photo via The Newseum).

Collider, Oliver Stone's 'JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass' Doc Lands on Showtime This Month, David McGuire, Nov. 4, 2021. 'JFK Revisited' premiered at Cannes earlier this year.

showtime logoFor the last 58 years, the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy has been the subject of debate and has become enveloped by conspiracy theories. Countless books, TV shows, and movies have been made about that fateful day, none more prolific and swimming in controversy than Oliver Stone's 1991 film JFK. 30 years later, Stone is back with a new documentary film, to be released on Showtime, entitled JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass.

oliver stone jfk revisited posterJFK Revisited premiered at Cannes Film Festival earlier this year and presents a fresh look at the recently declassified archive of material that has been re-examined and placed into the public record. The documentary is poised to inform the latest generation and the generation that lived through it that this unsolved murder was not only shocking but, perhaps, calculated.

The film will be narrated by Whoopi Goldberg (The Stand) and Donald Sutherland (Moonfall) and will feature new interviews with historians, witnesses, and other experts on the subject.

The 1991 film made a very similar promise as it focused on the events leading up to the assassination and the alleged cover-up as told through the eyes of New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner).

Based on the book The Plot That Killed Kennedy, by Jim Marrs, the film was immediately embroiled in controversy as it made implications that Kennedy's successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, was part of the coup d'état to assassinate the sitting president. Stone was said to have described the film as a "counter myth" to the Warren Commission's "fictional myth." The film boasted an incredible cast with Kevin Bacon, Tommy Lee Jones, Laurie Metcalf, Gary Oldman, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, and even the real Jim Garrison as Earl Warren.

JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass is an Ingenious Media production. Written by James DiEugenio, the film is produced by Rob Wilson for Ixtlan and executive produced by Andrea Scarso, Amit Pandya, Peter Touche, Fernando Sulichin, and Angela Ceccio.

JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass will make its linear debut on Showtime on November 22 at 7 p.m. ET/PT, the anniversary of JFK’s death.

[The film is scheduled to be released in the U.K. and Ireland by the U.K.'s Altitude Film Distribution in late 2021.]


Books / Journals / Reports

Nov. 18

The Truth and Reconciliation Committee is pleased to announce the release of the The Assassination of John F. Kennedy-The Real Story, available via

This week's exoneration of two men for the assassination of Malcolm X provides a significant opening to re-examine each of the four major assassinations that changed the course of world history. Last week’s TRC release, The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy:The Real Story, demonstrated clearly that Sirhan Sirhan did not kill RFK and that he should be paroled.

One of four introductory reports on the assassinations of JFK, MLK, Malcolm X and RFK written by respected journalists and researchers, each contains documented evidence that refute the official government stories. The JFK report is intended to both help secure document releases as per the JFK Records Act and establish a Truth and Reconciliation process.

Please share these links and encourage your friends and associates to contact their Senators, Congressman and President Biden to release the JFK records and sign our TRC effort to seek a Truth and Reconciliation Process (


Nov. 16

SkyHorse Publishing, Coup in Dallas: The Decisive Investigation into Who Killed JFK, H. P. Albarelli Jr. with foreward by Dick Russell, Publication Date: Nov. 16, 2021 (720 Pages). Publisher's Description:

The CIA, Dallas, and the Hard Details of the JFK Assassination: Coup in Dallas leaves speculation and theory aside to give the hard details of who killed hp albarelli jr cover coupPresident John F. Kennedy and how the assassination plot was carried out. Through exhaustive research and newly translated documents, author H. P. Albarelli uncovers and explains the historical roots of state-sponsored assassination, finding disturbing parallels to the assassination of JFK. Albarelli goes beyond conventional JFK assassination theory to piece together the biographies of the lesser-known but instrumental players in the incident, such as Otto Skorzeny, Pierre Lafitte, James Jesus Angleton, Santo Trafficante, and others.

Albarelli provides shocking detail on the crucial role that the city of Dallas and its officials played in the maintenance of Dallas as a major hub of CIA activity, and how it led to JFK’s assassination and its cover-up. Go beyond LBJ, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby, and read the full, definitive account of what happened on November 22, 1963—and how it came to fruition.

Authors: H. P. Albarelli Jr., investigative reporter and author of A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments and A Secret Order: Investigating the High Strangeness and Synchronicity in the JFK Assassination, focused on the foreign and domestic intelligence apparatus, government mind control research projects, biological warfare, and political assassinations. His body of work, including articles published in Huffington Post, Pravda, and CounterPunch, has been cited in leading-edge books and periodicals. Albarelli made his home in Vermont, Florida, and the UK.

Dick Russell is an investigative journalist and bestselling author who has written for such varied publications as Time, Sports Illustrated, and the Village Voice. His books include Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Black Genius, and On the Trail of the JFK Assassins, as well as the New York Times bestsellers American Conspiracies, 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read, and They Killed Our President. He lives in Boston and Hollywood.

Nov. 8

Exposit Books, The JFK Assassination Dissected: An Analysis, Wecht, Cyril H., M.D. J.D. with Dawna Kaufmann, Publication Date: Nov. 8, 2021 (307 pages). Publisher's Description:

cyril wecht jfk assassination dissectedSince President John F. Kennedy's 1963 murder in Dallas, medical examiner and lawyer Dr. Cyril Wecht was initially inclined to accept the official theory that one person alone was responsible for the crime. But as Wecht delved into the evidence with boundless curiosity and unprecedented access, he came to understand that America had, instead, suffered a coup d'etat at the hands of rogue elements within our own government. Nobody else has Wecht's up-close and personal experience in uncovering the facts behind this assassination--and now he is sharing it with the world.

Co-authored by investigative journalist Dawna Kaufmann, this comprehensive book reveals Wecht's analyses of the case's forensic and medical evidence. With his keen eye and sharp tongue, Wecht wields his scalpel on JFK's dubious autopsy report, the inept Warren Commission Report, the mishandling of crucial materials, all of the key players, and the media malpractice that has allowed the truth to remain hidden for nearly six decades.

Garrison: The Journal of History and Deep Politics, Political Assassinations of the 1960s (Issue 008), Columns about JFK, MLK, RFK and Malcolm X are by Garrison 008 Frontvarious authors, including Justice Integrity Project editor Andrew Kreig, Nov. 4, 2021 (348 pages). The quarterly journal published by S.T. Patrick of Midnight Writer News Publications challenges the historical, media, and academic establishment with the most current evidence on our most consequential historical events. Issues and can be purchased here in print it as a PDF ebook.

In this double-sized issue, you will read a profile of UK researcher Malcolm Blunt by Bart Kamp, as well as works by Edward Curtin, Edgar Tatro, Heather Tarver Fear, Jim DiEugenio, John Simkin, Vince Palamara, Dr. Cyril Wecht, Dawna Kaufmann, Walt Brown, David Kaiser, David Josephs, Barry Ernest, Rob Couteau, Prof. David Denton, Martin Hay, Andrew Kreig, Dr. David Mantik, Rex Bradford, Bill Kelly, Karl Evanzz, Larry Hancock, Phil Nelson, Benjamin Hampton, and S.T. Patrick.

From JFK, RFK, MLK, and Malcolm X, to Hammarskjold and Lumumba, the 1960s were a tragic period that forever changed the course of the United States.

In this issue, The JFK Research ‘Community’: United We Do not Stand; Divided We Fail is an essay contributed by Justice Integrity Project editor Andrew Kreig. It surveys the current state of JFK assassination research and argues that serious researchers need to spend more effort analyzing each others' work in mutually productive fashion and otherwise cooperating to advance shared goals.

Wayne Madsen Report, Investigative Commentary: Nazis who go bump in the night, Wayne Madsen, (left, columnist, author of 21 books and former Navy intelligence officer), Oct. 28, 2021. It's not only masked ghouls and wayne madsen may 29 2015 cropped Smallgoblins who are appearing on the streets this time of the year, but also arm-saluting Nazis at school board meetings and atop highway overpasses in Texas.

The main reason this editor wrote the newly-released book, The Rise of the Fascist Fourth Reich: The Era of Trumpism and the New Far-Right, is the painful truth that Nazis -- not neo-Nazis, but the actual Adolf Hitler-loving, Sieg Heiling-types -- are busy re-emerging, as do any vermin, wayne madsen fourth reich coverfrom the muck and mire of far-right politics.

Their chief enabler is Donald Trump, who has managed to hide the Nazi past of his father, Fred Trump, and his pre-war activities with the German-American Bund and the America First Committee. Donald Trump's Nazi supporters today are very much the Nazis who his father supported in the 1930s. And there is absolutely nothing "neo" about them.

While grilling Attorney General Merrick Garland, who is Jewish, during a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz defended a parent's use of the Nazi salute during a school board meeting. WMR has previously reported on Garland's Milquetoast demeanor and it was on full display after Cruz's tirade in support of Nazi symbolism. Cruz criticized Garland for his October 4 memo on right-wing threats to school boards across the country. One of the incidents cited in the report, which was in response to a letter from the National School Boards Association, was a parent giving the Nazi salute at a school board meeting.

This is yet another example why Garland is not cut out for the job.

Nazism and white supremacism can only be vanquished if the pro-democracy forces in the United States take a hard line against the far-right. That may entail forming self-defense forces to confront those who threaten harm against election workers; school board members; school administrators, city, county, and town council members; public health officials and teachers; librarians; journalists; and others targeted by the Nazi and Ku Klux Klan ghouls who are running rampant around the nation.

Americans of good faith cannot allow the nation to be destroyed without drawing a final line in the sand. The lessons of the 1920s and 30s in Europe tell us that.



The Biden Administration’s recent delay in releasing the final trove of classified documents pertaining to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy tees up three annual research conferences scheduled this month during the anniversary of JFK’s slaying in downtown Dallas.

The conferences and postponed document releases build on millions of pages of previously declassified documents and many hundreds of books through the USTR seal Custom 2decades fanning widespread public doubts about official accounts. Those official accounts, most notably the 1964 Warren Commission report, assigned guilt for the president’s death solely to ex-Marine Lee Harvey Oswald. Flaws in the report largely ignored by government, academic and mainstream media foster lingering fears that watchdog institutions fail to probe and prevent civic tragedies and cover-ups, including in current times.

Today’s column will survey this fall’s major developments.

One is the conference organized by Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA), to be shown via Zoom with details here, on the weekend days of Nov. 20 and 21, with a free all-day session on Friday, Nov. 19 for students. The other is the JFK Assassination Conference, which can be seen both via Zoom and in person at the Magnolia Hotel in downtown Dallas, extends for four days, beginning Thursday Nov. 18.

A third conference, organized since 1996 by the JFK Lancer event and publishing company, will be its November in Dallas annual event, this year via remote viewing from Nov. 19 through 21, with heavily discounted admission for students. Our project promotes all three conferences each year with the view that there is much to discuss, with many valuable perspectives deserving an audience.  

  • CAPA, chaired and co-founded by the iconic forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht, M.D., J.D., is planning a two-day conference via Zoom this year from Nov. 20 to 21. It was long scheduled as an in-person conference but emergence of the Delta variant of the coronavirus forced a switch. Program and registration details are here.
  • JFK Lancer Productions, led currently and through the years by book publisher and conference producer Debra Conway, plans again to host its annual “November in Dallas Conference,” first held in 1996, focusing on the JFK assassination and related themes. The conference from Nov. 19-21 will be via remote viewing. Program and registration details are here.
  • judyth bakerThe “9th Annual JFK Assassination Conference,” hosted by author and conference organizer Judyth Vary Baker, right, who has described in books and lectures a close relationship with Oswald when they worked together in New Orleans in mid-1963, will make her last in-person appearance at her conferences this year, due to vision problems. Her book Me & Lee, updated as Lee Harvey Oswald and Me, will make its debut at the Conference. An elite panel of lawyers will be challenged to assess the value of the evidence that was used by the Warren Commission to declare Oswald as Kennedy’s assassin. The conference will be held at the historic Pegasus Room at the Magnolia Hotel at 1401 Commerce St. in Dallas from Nov. 19 to 21. The Conference is also hosting the annual JFK Remembrance Ceremony and Moment of Silence at Dealey Plaza on Monday, Nov. 22, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. with the public welcome. Details for both events are here.

What follows is additional information about the conferences, which tend to be far more productive in recent years than press conferences in disseminating useful information about assassinations, in part because they draw heavily on authors and filmmakers who can point to their works, not simply press releases.


CAPA Conference via Zoom


2021 CAPA conference

CAPA’s Chairman, Dr. Cyril Wecht, is a widely published author and  high-energy, Pittsburgh-based pathologist and medical society leader, who still performs hundreds of autopsies a year. This year his reflections on his long study of law enforcement shortcomings and cover-ups of major assassinations will be augmented by the publication last year of his memoir, The Life and Deaths of Cyril Wecht, one of nearly 60 books he has authored or co-authored.

In JFK lectures, his specialty is educating audiences on irrefutable scientific facts drawn from his career as a medical examiner and medical school professor, cyril wecht life and deaths coveras well as a training program for forensic specialists via the Wecht Institute at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.

As CAPA’s keynote speaker, he will doubtless describe once again the physical impossibility of matching alleged bullet paths to medical evidence in a way that justifies Warren Report claims that Oswald was a lone gunman. That report asserted that a gunman, allegedly Oswald but perhaps not, fired three times, with one bullet making multiple wounds on JFK and Texas Gov. John Connolly, who was sitting in front of JFK in an open-air limo driving past a scattered crowd at Dealey Plaza at the end of their parade route in Dallas.

Another pioneering researcher, Josiah “Tink” Thompson will speak about his recent book, Last Second in Dallas.” James Wagenvoord will speak about his experiences working at Life Magazine in 1963. The magazine, then under the direction of retired Gen. Charles C.D. Jackson, a top expert in psychological warfare, acquired the famous Zapruder film and then suppressed showing of it, using only selected stills in the magazine. A pirated copy of the video was first shown publicly in 1975 on ABC-TV, thus destroying conventional wisdom propounded by Time-Life magazines and others that the film showed JFK’s head moving forward from a shot in the back of his head. JFK’s head clearly moved backward, suggesting a fatal shot from somewhere towards the front.

jacob hornberger newAmong the panelists is Jacob Hornberger, left, a book, publisher and prolific commentator of the Libertarian website of the Future of Freedom Foundation that he founded decades ago. His books, both by him and authors he has published, have focused heavily on expert analysis of JFK assassination topics, including irregularities in the autopsy. Several of his recent columns on JFK records release are excerpted below extensively as particularly insightful. Records release will be one of his topics at the conference.

david montagueUniversity of Arkansas criminology professor David Montague, right, an attorney and senior researcher on the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) during the 1990s, will speak also on progress and prospects for that process launched under the 1992 JFK Records Act to take the first steps to declassify JFK records. The presidentially appointed ARRB closed down in 1998, with its functions largely assumed by the National Archives albeit without the ARRB's perceived powers to overcome declassification objections from intelligence agencies and other Executive Branch sectors.

In a panel discussion including Montague, other panelists include this editor and Hornberger, publisher of a five-volume set by former ARRB staffer Douglas Horne about medical and scientific evidence.

Another scheduled speaker is Stephen Jaffe, the last living investigator on the staff of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison in the 1960s. Jaffe was also one of the producers of the feature film “Executive Action” in 1973. Jaffe for the first time will show a new documentary that he produced with his late partner, author and attorney, Mark Lane. It is entitled, A Rush to Judgment, after Lane’s best-selling book and includes some rare interviews with witnesses Lane interviewed in 1966. Jaffe will also show a brief, almost-never-seen documentary film about the making of “Executive Action” with interviews of the stars (Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan and Will Geer, as well as with the executive producer Edward Lewis). Jaffe will take questions via Zoom.

russ baker cropped david welkerLike last year, I will moderate a panel on media coverage – or more precisely inaccurate and misleading coverage – of the assassinations. Among the panelists will be WhoWhatWhy founding publisher Russ Baker, left, the best-selling author of “Family of Secrets” and a former staff writer at the Columbia Journalism Review and columnist contributing to many major newspapers. Others will include the Future of Freedom Foundation President Jacob Hornberger, author of two JFK books and publisher of more than a half dozen priscilla johnson mcmillan me lee resized IMG 8031others.

As an example of recent and relevant challenges facing the assassination research community, virtually every major news outlet published obituaries of Marina Oswald’s biographer Priscilla Johnson McMillan, author of Marina and Lee in 1977. But virtually all mainstream media failed to mention her background as an intelligence asset. Her background has been well documented by declassified documents and shared within our community. That background throws much of her work into doubt, especially since Oswald’s widow recanted in the early 1990s her original comments incriminating her late husband as being spoken under pressure and wrong, according to a thorough account by Dick Russell in his On the Trail of the JFK Assassins.

The registration cost for the conference is $50, which includes a year's membership in CAPA. Schedule and registration details are here:


JFK Assassination Conference In Person and via Zoom

Regarding “The JFK Assassination Conference,” organizer Judyth Baker’s innovative program will include a new face for the community, longtime Texas litigator Mark Mueller, right, of Austin. In meeting with him during his visits to Washington, DC during recent months, I have learned that he plans cutting-edge mark muellerpresentations debunking the integrity of several prominent attorneys who represented defendants in major crime cases and who allowed their clients to become patsies for prosecutors. This segment is aimed in part at the Texas legal community and a younger generation of researchers.

Mueller is drawing in part from the revelations of another Texas attorney, John Curington, a longtime counsel for the late billionaire, media mogul and right-wing extremist H.L. Hunt. Curington’s 2018 memoir is entitled Motive & Opportunity: The means by which john curington coverH.L. Hunt influenced the assassination of JFK, King, Bobby & Hoffa. It describes, for example, Curington’s description of his delivery of $125,000 in cash to the late Percy Foreman, the Houston-based counsel to accused King slayer James Earl Ray. The delivery was shortly before Ray and his attorney decided not to contest murder charges – a decision that Ray soon regretted and fought unsuccessfully to overturn for the rest of his life.

Curington’s account, in which he refers to his client respectfully as “Mr. Hunt” throughout, was written in cooperation with freelancer Michael Whittington and carries an introduction by Cyril Wecht, who presented Curington at a major conference in 2018. The conference at the Wecht Institute at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh featured also Dr. William Pepper, a close friend of the late Rev. King whom the King family hired decades ago to find the real killer because of their belief that the killer was not Ray. Mueller has followed Pepper's sleuthing powerful findings of his own, albeit based on individual research that lacks the subpoena power that only authorities can wield.

The conference’s longtime partner, TrineDay publisher Robert "Kris" Millegan, son of a CIA officer, is expected to be honored for his courageous work in publishing more than 120 books. Many of them are cutting-edge, first-person accounts by brave assassination witnesses or citizen researchers whose work is shunned by most commercial publishers.

judyth vary baker me and leeThe books (I own more than forty of them) include the three memoirs by Judyth Baker, including her Me and Lee (whose revised and updated edition Lee Harvey Oswald and Me will be launched at the conference. TrineDay's top-selling title, Dr. Mary's Monkey by Edward T. Haslam (2007), coincides with (and in Haslam's view strongly supports) Baker's account of experiences in 1960s New Orleans. Haslam, son of respected physician in New Orleans, explains how the ostensibly unsolved 1964 death of nationally renowned cancer researcher Dr. Mary Sherman in the city was linked to clandestine work by Oswald assisting Sherman's purported off-the-books work helping the intelligence community experiment secretly on monkeys.

Among other titles is Betrayal: A member of the Kennedy Honor Guard Speaks by the late Hubert Clark, with William Matson Law. Clark is the African-American at center in the Kennedy Honor guard. He went on to become a New hubert clark with william matson law betrayal coverYork City police homicide detective who died this year after being a fixture at her conferences describing how he and his colleagues, including some from the JFK autopsy team, never realized until recent years that deceptive methods were used in 1963 to make honor guard and autopsy team unwitting accomplices in fooling the public about post-assassination ceremonies and forensic timelines.

Another TrineDay title is “From an Office Building with a High-Powered Rifle: A report to the public from an FBI agent involved in the official JFK assassination investigation by the late FBI agent Don Adams. Adams, who became the police chief in an Ohio town following his retirement from the FBI, described how he passed on to FBI headquarters in the fall of 1963 before the JFK assassination a right-wing tipster’s prediction that the president would be killed on his Dallas trip via a high-powered rifle, fired from an office building.

The Adams memoir further describes how puzzled he was that his tip to FBI headquarters apparently never was conveyed to the Secret Service or other relevant personnel in advance of JFK's and was never seriously followed up, including during the post-assassination period when Adams was assigned to the FBI's Dallas office and occupied with largely routine duties. The Adams home and all of his research materials were destroyed by a fire of unknown origin soon after his book was published in 2012.

Other major TrineDay titles include an authoritative series about the U.S. Secret Service by freelancer Vincent Michael Palamara. His titles include the indispensable Survivor’s Guilt, a 493-page 2013 book that charted the activities, background, and motives – and potential complicity -- of virtually every robert tanenbaum cspanSecret Service agent relevant to the JFK protective detail.

Millegan will receive The Lifetime Achievement Award from The JFK Historical Group at the JFK Assassination Conference in Dallas, by the Group’s president, longtime researcher and college professor David Denton. Last year’s recipient was the author, poet and retired diplomat and professor Peter Dale Scott, whose work includes popularizing the term "Deep Politics" to apply to events like the Kennedy assassination as perpetrated by those unaccountable to the public via normal processes.

The current roster of speakers is: Judyth Vary Baker, Randolph Benson, Doug Caddy, Ole Dammegard, David Denton, Gordon Ferrie, Edward T. Haslam, Barbara Honegger, Clay Jenkins, Ryan Jones, Andrew Kreig, Barr McClellan, Dan Storper, Patrick McLain, Robert ‘Kris’ Millegan, Charles Moffatt, Mark R. Mueller, Barbara Radofsky, Kent Schaffer, Robert Tanenbaum, Mary Van Osdell, Dr. Cyril Wecht, John Delane Williams.

Robert Tanenbaum, a top New York prosecutor during the 1960s, went on to become deputy staff counsel for the House Select Committee on Assassinations in the 1970s, and then a best-selling novelist and two-time mayor of Beverly Hills, California. His denunciations of officials willing to suffer obstacles to an honest investigation of the JFK assassination (as exemplified during his American History presentation shown on C-SPAN at right) are among the most expert and powerful on record.

Schedule and registration via Zoom is $40 via this site:


JFK Lancer "November In Dallas" Conference (via remote viewing)

JFK Lancer, whose program details for this year’s video-only conference were not available at our press time, also has brought forth many courageous and jim dieugenio fileinsightful speakers in its history since 1996, when the company was co-founded by Debra Conway. "Lancer” was the Secret Service code name for JFK.

Scheduled presenters at this time include Jim DiEugenio (shown at left, and author of Destiny Betrayed among other titles), David Boylan, Bill Simpich, Donald Jeffries with Chuck Ochelli, Larry Schnapf, Mike Chesser, Andrew Kiel, Debra Conway (shown at right), Larry Hancock, Stuart Wexler, Malcolm Blunt with Bart Kamp, Bill Kelly, Russ Baker, Gill Jesus, Robert debra conwayGroden, Joan Mellen and Brent Holland.

The conference will again be “virtual” with presentations streamed during the conference dates and with a dedicated Facebook page for registered attendees to ask questions and participate in dialogs with presenters. The fee will be $64.99 for conference viewing only and $119.99 for conference viewing plus digital download. Visit here for registration and further details.

As background, Professor George Michael Evica of the University of Hartford, host of the WWUH-FM radio show “Assassination Journal” for many years and author of important books, served as the first speaker chair and conference host, helping to attract quality presenters because of his stature. “The conference has always given a priority to new research and encouraged newcomers as well as the better known names in the field, according to an overview provided to me this summer by author Larry Hancock (who wrote Nexus, among other titles), a longtime member of the conference larry hancock cover nexusorganizing team along with fellow author Stuart Wexler and researcher/podcast host Alan Dale, among others.

Among previous speakers have been Beverly Oliver, the long-mysterious “Babushka Lady” who had been seen in photos just twenty feet from JFK when he was fatally shot. Her identity had been unknown for years. Upon discovery, it turns that the Russian-sounding misdirection “Babushka” was simply a headscarf.

More importantly, Oliver says she had been a 17-year-old singer performing at Jack Ruby’s nightclub in those days, as described in her as-told-to-memoir Nightmare in Dallas. It asserted that a home-movie she shot of the scene, including of the picket fence on “The Grassy Knoll,” was seized by men claiming to be federal agents, with the film’s contents and fate still unknown.

Other JFK Lancer speakers have included Dennis David (Navy Chief of the Day in charge of off-loading the JFK casket or caskets at Bethesda Navy Hospital before an autopsy), Madeleine Brown (an intimate friend of Lyndon Johnson), former FBI Special Agent jfk lancer basic logoJames Hosty, former Secret Service special agent Abraham Bolden (shown at right on the cover of his powerful memoir The Echo from Dealey Plaza), JFK autopsy aide James Jenkins and Buell Wesley Frazier (a co-worker of Oswald who resisted pressures from authorities to provide what he regarded as false witness testimony).

Additionally, the conference (and others) has hosted Dr. Robert McClelland, Dr. Kenneth Slayer, Dr. Joe Goldstrich, and Dr. Peter Loeb from the Parkland Hospital, where JFK was taken after the shooting. Physicians expert in gunshot wounds who examined Kennedy in the futile attempt to save his life have through the years provided powerful statements that tend to undercut findings by the official autopsy team, which was conducted by inexperienced personnel under tight military command at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland, with many autopsy records intentionally destroyed and personnel warned not to discuss arrangements except in limited official proceedings.

abraham bolden collageThe Secret Service agent Bolden's memoir (shown above with photos of him as a respected young law enforcer and later in life) describes how when he was an Illinois State Trooper JFK personally recruited him to integrate the Secret Service as the first African-American assigned to presidential security. His book describes also how he was framed and imprisoned on a bogus attempted extortion charge soon after he told colleagues he planned to try to talk to the Warren Commission about suspicious occurrences before the assassination. I have studied Bolden's account, met him and corresponded with him through the years, and am convinced that he was an obvious frame-up victim. The chief witness against him, for example, was a convicted counterfeiter who immediately after Bolden's conviction recanted his trial claims against Bolden and asserted that he had falsely incriminated Bolden because of pressure from prosecutors to lie. Nonetheless, the trial judge refused to grant Bolden relief. Bolden's legal records were supposedly lost for mysterious reasons, thereby thwarting his appeal of his long prison sentence.

JFK Lancer has also published a number of important books, including those by those involved in its management: Enemy of the Truth: Myths, Forensics and the Kennedy Assassination by the late Sherry Fiester, Debra Conway’s sister and a trained forensics investigator.

Another is Someone Would Have Talked by Larry Hancock, whose book title is an ironic twist on the common fallacy that someone would have been a whistleblower if there had been anything wrong with the Warren Report and other official commentaries. Sadly, many courageous witnesses have talked -- but all too few in official circles listen and act upon the information provided.

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