'Puppetry' Hardback Launched Nov.19 At DC Author Forum on White House Mysteries & Media

Nov. 19 marked the formal launch of the hardcover, updated edition of my new book, Presidential Puppetry, the first in print with an overview of the Obama Administration’s second term. The book reveals many unreported or under-reported stories about major topics, as illustrated here in a serialization beginning next week.

Presidential Puppety: Obama, Romney and Their MastesThe book kickoff coincided with a remarkable forum that included seven prominent authors, investigative reporters and archivists. They described their own major findings on such issues as the JFK assassination, election fraud, and privacy invasions caused by government spy agencies.

Dan Moldea Confessions CoverThose speakers who are experts on the JFK death summarized extensive evidence that the Warren Commission's key findings were wrong. Author Dan Moldea, author of the new book Confessions of a Guerrilla Writer, continued his longstanding argument that organized crime triggermen were implicated.

Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of the new Who Really Killed Kennedy and a two-time author of No. 1 best-sellers on the New York Times list, said  Kennedy's killing was a coup d'etat led by the CIA. Corsi said his documentation of the CIA's role is compatible with the concept of mob hitmen, a CIA plot to frame Lee Harvey Oswald as a patsy, and a cover-up at the minimum by President Lyndon B. Johnson, JFK's successor.

James Lesar, president of the nation's largest private archive of relevant JFK books, films and documents, said the Assassination Archives Resource Center (AARC) is making major advances to help the public investigate unanswered questions about the murder. It has assembled, for example, more than a million pages on one disc, for example.

The Justice Integrity Project helped organize the wide-ranging forum, which was entitled “White House Mysteries and Media.” The title reflects the importance of the White House/Executive Branch in our government system. Also, it underscores the mainstream media's at times flawed role in covering the forum topics, which included the psychology of recent presidents, election fraud, and secret surveillance of the public.

In my talk, I introduced Presidential Puppetry: Obama Romney and Their Masters as a true-life mystery book about the nation’s leading political families. The Obama, Romney, Bush, Clinton, and the Washington Post's Graham-Meyer family are the book's central figures. I showed how important information about the families remains largely hidden, in part because many in the major news media confine their reporting to conventional wisdom and lack economic incentives to expose the deepest secrets of those in government and their powerful private sector backers.

My intention, I said, has been to dig deeper and thereby provide the public with a Rosetta Stone for current DC political standoffs and strategies. The book leads readers step-by-step through political controversies regarding major issues, including austerity, budgets, national security, privacy, and press freedom.

Dr. Justin FrankJerome CorsiLet's set the scene. “Authors of important non-fiction revelations face a dearth of opportunities to meet face-to-face with readers,” said McClendon Group Chairman John Edward Hurley, as an introduction to the gathering his group co-sponsored. “This forum is a creative, convenient way to foster public dialog with diverse experts on vital issues.” 

Speakers included Moldea, Dr. Justin Frank, left, Corsi, right, and 2012 Pulitzer Prize-winner Matt Apuzzo.

Other speakers were JFK assassination archives experts Lesar and Jerry Policoff, and election fraud investigator/author Marta Steele. The forum complemented the press club’s nearby annual book fair on the same floor, but was independently organized.

The session lasted an hour after scheduled closing because of interest by the panelists and audience, which included such prominent Washingtonians as former House Speaker Tom Delay.

As the first panelist, I described several of the revelations in Puppetry and recognized the contributions of others on the two panels in helping advance our understanding of civic life. One disclosure I made was to outline the intelligence background of our recent presidents before they entered politics.

Further, I sketched out the ties of some mainstream news organizations and their personnel to the intelligence community, and argued that such ties help create an incentive for news organizations to ignore or trivialize matters that might offend agencies or their high-ranking private sector supporters. For example, I mentioned longstanding ties between the highest-ranking Washington Post owners and other executives and the CIA for many years.

For such reasons, I suggested that the public should seek a variety of information sources on important issues.

One such issue is the ability of trained experts to manipulate election software to change vote tallies.

Marta Steele Grassroots Marta Steele documented the danger in her book Grassroots, Geeks, Pros, and Pols. She was a recent reviewer of Puppetry, which contains two chapters documenting election fraud). Her book is subtitled, "The Election Integrity movement's rise and nonstop battle to win back the people's vote, 2000-2008."

Dedicated and daring authors like her are uncovering remarkable scandals in the voting process around the nation.

Yet most major broadcasters and newspapers have a policy against investigating these topics. Several reasons are in play. But one is obviously the huge advertising dollars that political campaigns convey to the media, especially in election years.

Four of the other speakers have been involved with in-depth investigations of President Kennedy's assassination. They bravely resisted strategies by thought leaders to confine public discussions to talking points officially approved. Visitors to this site know that our project has been publishing a Readers Guide to the many new books, movies and events regarding the JFK murder. So I am thrilled to be able to moderate a panel convening such experts.

Two of the speakers are executives with the Assassination Archives Research Center (AARC), based in Washington, DC. The AARC's holdings comprise the most extensive collection of records on the JFK assassination in private hands. It has approximately 1,500 books on assassinations, organized crime, covert activities, and a wide variety of other subjects relevant to the study of assassinations and related topics. Its “main files” consist of newspaper and magazine articles, unpublished manuscripts, trial transcripts, photographs, tapes, notes, letters and other materials which fill some 36 four-drawer file cabinets.

jerry policoffPresident and Co-founder James Lesar described its history and the ongoing importance of its work. Executive Director Jerry Policoff, shown at left, discussed, among other things, the role of the mainstream media in educating the public about the real issues. He has been strongly critical.

Corsi, a two-time No. 1 best-seller on the New York Times list, summarized his findings from his new book, Who Really Killed JFK? 50 Years Later, Stunning New Revelations about the JFK Assassination.

Dan E. Moldea drew on his experience as an independent crime reporter since October 1974. His book The Hoffa Wars, published by Paddington Press in 1978, chronicled the rise and fall of former Teamsters general president Jimmy Hoffa.

In this book,Moldea was the first to present the case that Hoffa and two Mafia figures — Carlos Marcello of Louisiana and Santo Trafficante of Florida — were involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. A year after Moldea's work was published, the U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations came to the same conclusion in its final report. In January 1992, Frank Ragano, the attorney who represented Hoffa, Marcello, and Trafficante, confessed that he was a principal in the Hoffa-Marcello-Trafficante murder plot against the president. Newsweek also credited the first reporting on this matter to Moldea, "who made the Teamsters-JFK-Ragano link in his 1978 book, The Hoffa Wars."

Moldea's panel included also a segment on the hot topic of surveillance. The topic was addressed by Matt Apuzzo, an AP staff writer, a 2012 Pulitizer Prize-winner and co-author (with Adam Goldman) of the new book, Enemies Within: Inside the NYPD's Secret Spying Unit and bin Laden's Final Plot Against America.

Matt ApuzzoAccording to one recent description of their work: For Americans who wonder, "How safe are we?" Associated Press reporters Apuzzo and Goldman pull back the curtain to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of our counter-terrorism measures. Apuzzo and Goldman examine one of the most sensitive post–9/11 national security investigations—a breathtaking race to prevent an al-Qaeda bomber from launching Osama bin Laden’s final attack on American soil. Six months after the 9/11 attacks, New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly initiated a straightforward, yet audacious, anti-terrorist plan to be implemented in the Big Apple. The NYPD would dispatch a vast network of undercover officers and informants — known as "mosque crawlers" and "rakers" — into Muslim neighborhoods to eavesdrop on conversations in mosques and community centers. Police amassed data on innocent people, often for their religious and political beliefs. But when it mattered most, these strategies failed to identify the most imminent threats.

In Apuzzo's remarks, he described excesses in surveillance and challenged the audience on whether remedial action was merited.

John Hurley, below, chairman of the Sarah McClendon Group named for the legendary White House correspondent Sarah McClendon, called for a new emphasis on morality in law and politics.

He brings varied experience to his analysis. His career in the journalism and non-profit world has included his work with the major media as a White House correspondent, as a commentator on News Talk America, and as a member of the Public Information Committee of the National Academy of Sciences. In addition to his work with the major media, he has served as the Commander of the National Press Club American Legion Post; developed the public relations program that brought together the various breed registries that comprise the American Horse Council; and is President and Chairman of the Confederate Memorial Association's museum and library.

In my view, we all must draw on the research and bravery of many such analysts, historians, and reporters. It is symbolic that the evening's forum was in the press club's John Peter Zenger Room, which is named after the first known publisher targeted by government censorship in America.

My belief is that are future depends on this KEY: “


Editor's Note: This column was updated to reflect events that occurred at the forum.

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The Powers Behind the Presidential Throne              

  • Dan MoldeaJohn Edward Hurley, civic leader and co-founder of Justice Integrity Project (Introduction)
  • Andrew Kreig, author of Presidential Puppetry (2013) and Justice Integrity Project director
  • Justin A. Frank, M.D., author of Obama on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President (2011) and Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President (2004), and professor of clinical psychiatry at the George Washington University Medical Center
  • Marta Steele, author of Grassroots, Geeks, Pros  & Pols: The Election Integrity Movement’s Rise and Non-Stop Battle To Win Back the People’s Vote 2000-2008 (2012)
  • John Edward Hurley, McClendon Group chairman and literary executor for best-selling author Ralph de Toledano. Also, former White House reporter, past National Press Club American Legion Post No. 20 commander, and former Confederate Memorial director

The JFK Murder, Surveillance & Other Intrigues: Why They Matter    

  • James Lesar, co-founder and president, Assassination Archives and Research Center
  • Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D., author of Who Really Killed Kennedy? (2013) and The Obama Nation (2008), co-author of Unfit for Command (2008) and World Net Daily senior reporter
  • Dan Moldea, right, author of The Hoffa Wars (1978) and Confessions of a Guerrilla Writer (2013)
  • Jerry Policoff, Executive Director, Assassination Archives and Research Center
  • Matt Apuzzo, AP staff writer, 2012 Pulitzer Prize-winner, and co-author of Enemies Within: Inside the NYPD's Secret Spying Unit and bin Laden's Final Plot Against America (2013)

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The following is a sample of commentary by or about the speakers at the Nov. 19, 2013 forum at the National Press Club


OpEd News, CIA Official Tied to JFK to JFK Assassination, Jim Lesar, left, Dec. 1, 2013. The Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC) learned that Antonio Veciana, the leader of Alpha 66, Jim Lesara Cuban exile organization devoted to overthrowing Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro, has released a statement identifying "Maurice Bishop" as David Atlee Phillips, a longtime "dirty tricks" operative for the CIA who widely suspected of having played a role in a plot to assassinate President Kennedy. Marie Fonzi is the widow of Gaeton Fonzi, who investigated Kennedy's assassination for the Church Committee and the House Select Committee on Assassinations. He contended in his book,The Last Investigation, that Phillips was Bishop. His statement is at variance with his testimony before the HSCA, where he stated that a sketch of Maurice Bishop closely resembled Phillips but was not the same man. This new declaration raises even more questions regarding a possible role by the CIA in the assassination of President Kennedy. This Veciana's statement should lead the American people to demand (1) the immediate release of the thousands of pages of JFK Assassination-related records that the CIA is still withholding, and (2) demand that Congress hold oversight hearings into the CIA's subversion of the investigation conducted by the HSCA, which conducted the last official investigation of the assassination.

Jack Ruby Shoots OswaldAssassination Archives Research Center (AARC), Washington, DC. The AARC's holdings comprise the most extensive collection of records on the JFK assassination in private hands. It has approximately 1,500 books on assassinations, organized crime, covert activities, and a wide variety of other subjects relevant to the study of assassinations and related topics. Its “main files” consist of newspaper and magazine articles, unpublished manuscripts, trial transcripts, photographs, tapes, notes, letters and other materials which fill some 36 four-drawer file cabinets. Editor's Note: At right, nightclub owner Jack Ruby fatally shoots Lee Harvey Oswald at the Dallas police station two days after the arrest of Oswald, a former Marine who had been a CIA and FBI informant prior to his arrest, according to recent research. 

Citizens for Truth About the Kennedy Assassination, Who Really Killed Kennedy? by Jerome Corsi, Reviewed by Vasilios Vazakas, Dec. 16, 2013. Jerome Corsi is the senior staff reporter for online conservative news giant World Net Daily (WND). He has now written a book called Who Really Killed Kennedy? It is his take on the most controversial subject in American history: the JFK assassination. Because of the scope of Corsi's reach, his effort should not go unnoticed. On the whole, Corsi does a decent job in presenting evidence that Oswald was innocent of the crime attributed to him, that he was never on the south east window, that he never fired any shot and that the single bullet theory was a fraud....In chapter 4 he tries to show that Oswald did not shoot Officer J. D. Tippit....Despites its mistakes this is a decent enough book for the novice and general public who are not aware of the machinations of deep politics and JFK assassination case. Corsi is a NY Times best-selling author and he can help attract a wider audience that is not familiar with case. Afterwards the readers can take some of the good sources of his book, like Douglass, DiEugenio, Fonzi, Newman among others, to broaden their knowledge and realize how deep the rabbit hole actually is.

Assassination Archive, JFK: How the Media Assassinated the Real Story, Robert Hennelly and Jerry Policoff, 2002. If the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy was one of the darkest tragedies in the republic's history, the reporting of it has remained one of the worst travesties of the American media. From the first reports out of Dallas in November of 1963 to the merciless flagellation of Oliver Stone's JFK over the last several months, the mainstream media have disgraced themselves by hewing blindly to the single-assassin theory advanced by the FBI within hours of the murder. Original, enterprise reporting has been left almost entirely to alternative weeklies, monthly magazines, book publishers, and documentary makers. All such efforts over the last 29 years have met the same fate as Oliver Stone's movie: derision from the mainstream media. At first, the public bought the party line. But gradually, as more and more information slipped through the margins of the media business, and finally through the efforts of Congress itself, the public began to change its mind.

Assassinations Records Review Board Hearing, Testimony of Jim Lesar, Oct. 11, 1994. CHAIRMAN JOHN TUNHEIM, left: Our next witness this morning is James H. Lesar from Washington, D.C. We switch John Tunheimhere from the historical community to the lawyer community. MR. LESAR: Good morning, Mr. Chairman, and members of the Board. You have asked me to address the issue of how the term "Kennedy Assassination Records" should be defined. This is a very significant question because it goes to the heart of this Board's capacity to restore the confidence of the American people that they have a right to know their own history, and that they will be provided with all of the government records which may shed light on that history as it pertains to the assassination of President Kennedy. We hear frequently that trust in the American people and their institutions is at an all-time low. I believe that this precipitous decline in trust began with the Kennedy assassination and is not likely to be reversed at any time soon unless, at long last, the controversies engendered by the assassination are dealt with directly with full disclosure of all relevant facts. At this point in history, justifications for the continued withholding of such facts pale in comparison with the need to end the corrosive decline in trust spawned in large part by the secrecy, deceit, obfuscation, rumor and innuendo which have accompanied the government's handling of the Kennedy assassination over the past three decades.

Marta Steele GrassrootsOpEdNews, Marta Steele's Author's PageGrassroots, Geeks, Pros, and Pols: How the People Lost and Won, 2000-2008, by Election Integrity (EI) activist Marta Steele, is a history of the Election Integrity movement from 2000 to 2008, highlighting the corrupt practices of that decade, and how the people rallied to control and ultimately overcome them, at least in Election 2008. What happened thereafter will become another book. The culprits were highly corruptible and low-quality machines and the machinery that allowed them to proliferate, defying the will of the people in favor of conservative values unconcerned with the exigent issues that drew the people to the polls. Voters turned out in record numbers in 2008. Thirty percent of those who usually sit out elections (a total of about 100 million) showed up. For their will not to have prevailed would have represented the biggest travesty in our nation's history; and yet a week before Election Day both John McCain and Karl Rove were predicting a Republican victory. Then Rove changed his mind on the eve of Election Day, predicting that Obama would win. But this occurred after the huge battle, at so many levels, ultimately boiled down to a deposition in Columbus, Ohio, on November 3, 2008, of a Rove IT operative. Once Judge Solomon Oliver found holes in the deposition, the people's will exploded and the people's choice went to Washington. Perhaps the day before Election 2008 did not become the major holiday it should have because the machinery of election corruption is up and running again and the people are still fighting. But in Grassroots, Geeks, Pros, and Pols the dramatic victory achieved was a successful revolution and in the long run may be remembered for that. The ultimate success will not be a sigh of relief and a cheer for a brief period of time, but the permanent death of anti-American activities. Our vote is our sacred right, nothing we need to acquire with a government-issued photo i.d. It is the bottom line of democracy. Without it, there is no democracy, which is not an abstract noun but continuous work. All this our founding fathers knew and passed down to us, a tough legacy and challenge but well worth our necessary efforts.

Newsmax, Jerome Corsi: LBJ Knew About and Supported JFK's Assassination, Courtney Coren and Kathleen Walter, Sept. 19, 2013. President Lyndon B. Johnson knew about and supported President John F. Kennedy's assassination, New York Times bestselling author Dr. Jerome Corsi tells Newsmax. As the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy approaches, Corsi released his latest book Wednesday, "Who Really Killed Kennedy?" looking at who was really behind the assassination of the president and the veracity of the Warren Commission, who headed up the investigation. "Jack Kennedy was going to replace Lyndon Johnson in [the] 1964 ticket and a major scandal in the Bobby Baker case was about to break in Life Magazine, which would have ruined Lyndon Johnson's career," Corsi said in an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV. Corsi argues that the assassination was organized at the "highest levels of government" by former Central Intelligence Agency chief Allen Dulles. "One of the major forces behind the assassination was Allen Dulles, who was head of the CIA under President Eisenhower and when Jack Kennedy fired Allen Dulles after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, I think that's when Jack Kennedy signed his death warrant," Corsi says. "Allen Dulles had a revenge motive, was part of this whole new world order . . . Allen Dulles did not take kindly to being fired from the CIA and did not take kindly to Jack Kennedy refusing to commit US military forces in the Bay of Pigs operation. That was a major turning point in the Kennedy administration."

Jerome CorsiWND, Report: Kennedy assassin was on FBI payroll, Staff report, Sept. 17, 2013. Author says Bill O'Reilly 'uncritically repeats the Warren Commission lie.' In his bestseller Killing Kennedy, author and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly “uncritically repeats the Warren Commission lie” that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of President John F. Kennedy, charges Jerome Corsi, left, author of the newly released Who Really Killed Kennedy? 50 Years Later: Stunning New Revelations about the JFK Assassination. Corsi, whose new book has overtaken O’Reilly’s on the Amazon list of top sellers about JFK, argues O’Reilly fails to take into account the extensive documentation produced over the last 50 years indicating Oswald was an agent of the federal government with an extensive CIA intelligence file that stretched back to 1957. O’Reilly, says Corsi, uncritically presents Oswald as a communist-sympathizer who defected to the Soviet Union, without mentioning the documentary record. Corsi, in his book, presents evidence that Oswald was a double agent in the “false defector program” in which the U.S. government encouraged military troops loyal to the United States to engage in a ruse in which they would defect to the Soviet Union to gain access to the inside operations of the KGB. Secret details of JFK’s assassination are finally unlocked. O’Reilly also does not mention the evidence that Oswald was being paid by the FBI as an informant in November 1963, prior to the assassination. Corsi says the Warren Commission suppressed the information, concluding Oswald had no affiliation with U.S. intelligence agencies. Corsi asks: “Was Bill O’Reilly simply unaware of this documentary evidence when he co-authored Killing Kennedy’?

WND, Did George H.W. Bush witness JFK assassination? FBI files, newspaper ad and curious photos raise questions, Staff report, Sept. 17, 2013. Despite his claims to the contrary, there is documentary evidence that George H. W. Bush was in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, and was affiliated at that time with the CIA, despite protests that he was not associated with the agency until President Gerald R. Ford Jerome Corsi Who Really Killed Kennedy?appointed him director in 1976. Two FBI memos and a photograph of a man standing outside the Texas School Book Depository are among the intriguing items addressed in Jerome Corsi’s new book Who Really Killed Kennedy. The evidence is significant as Corsi broaches the question asked by some researchers of the assassination: Was John F. Kennedy the first presidential victim of the emerging “New World Order” championed by former CIA directors Allen Dulles and George H. W. Bush?

WND, CIA hit in 1950s mirrors JFK assassination, Staff report, Nov. 3, 2013. Neither accused killer lived to tell his story. The JFK assassination bears remarkable resemblance to a coup d’etat in Guatemala engineered by the CIA under the direction of Allen Dulles during the Eisenhower administration in the 1950s, contends WND senior writer Jerome Corsi, author of the newly released Who Really Killed Kennedy? 50 Years Later: Stunning New Revelations about the JFK Assassination. The CIA plan was to shoot and kill the Guatemalan head-of-state and place the blame for the assassination on a “patsy,” a person innocent of the crime, who in turn would be murdered to frustrate any subsequent criminal investigation or trial. Both assassins, as Corsi points out, were ex-military who left the service expressing distinct sympathies for communist Russia. As WND reported, Corsi raises the provocative question of whether the JFK assassination was a revenge killing masterminded by CIA Director Allen Dulles. Corsi’s extensive research shows JFK may have signed his death warrant the day he fired Dulles, accusing his spy chief of lying and manipulating him in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Corsi presents evidence that the Bay of Pigs invasion had been planned by the CIA during the Eisenhower administration as an eleventh-hour “October surprise” designed to catapult Vice President Richard M. Nixon into the White House over his Democratic Party rival, Kennedy.

George Mason University History News Network, Review of Dan Moldea's "Confessions of a Guerilla Writer," Mel Ayton, Oct. 14, 2013. Mel Ayton is the author of numerous books and articles. His next book, Hunting the President, an examination of plots, threats and assassination attempts against American presidents, will be published by Regnery Publishing Inc. in late 2013. After following Dan Dan Moldea Confessions CoverMoldea’s career for over thirty years I have concluded he is one of America's best investigative reporters. That judgment has not diminished after reading his memoirs Confessions of a Guerrilla Writer. Throughout his books the old maxim, Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall is clearly evident. A specialist on organized-crime investigations since 1974, he has widened his brief to cover everything from Mafia hit men to political scandal. Working out of Washington DC, but at times living in cities across America during his periods of research, Moldea was on first-name basis with beat cops and organized crime members, from corporate leaders to community activists. For his troubles he has escaped being killed six times. Moldea’s highly acclaimed works investigating the power of the mafia include The Hoffa Wars: Teamsters, Rebels, Politicians and the Mob (1978), Dark Victory: Ronald Reagan, MCA, and the Mob (1986) and Interference: How Organized Crime Influences Professional Football (1989). Moldea’s latest book reveals the background to his life as an investigative journalist. It should be titled The Search For Truth because Moldea has applied that virtue throughout his writing career. Part autobiography and part true crime, the memoir revisits the cases which became the subjects for his best-selling books. His curiosity, focus and reflection provide significant insight into the minds and motivations of a wide array of characters from ambitious politicians to political assassins. However, its fascination is not so much in what he has to say about his life as an investigative journalist but in his candid comments about the crimes he has investigated and the incendiary aftermath his reporting has provoked.

OpEdNews, Review: Andrew Kreig, "Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney, and Their Masters,"  Marta Steele, Nov. 10, 2013. The book is divided into four sections. The first Presidential Puppety: Obama, Romney and Their Mastesdeep-structures Obama and the Bushes after a brief foray into nothingness (Herman Cain) in the opening chapter that unexpectedly yields the book's leitmotif--the hapless pizza mogul was a puppet of the Koch brothers, poorly groomed to step into any elevator shoes--the first of many puppets to dance onto Kreig's stage, though one of the hastiest retreats of them all. Romney and then Romney-Ryan step in to finish the chapter. Most enigmatic principal within this preliminary text is Romney's religion, which upstages all else. The second section explores "Romney Henchmen . . ." Karl Rove, David Petraeus, Michael Leavitt, and others. The third delves more deeply into Romney-Ryan, and the fourth raps up by returning to Obama-Biden and where they and we readers go from . . . right here and now. Read this book as soon as you can. It's all about you.

Hartford Courant Alumni Association and Refugee Camp, Kreig Remembers Irv Kravsow, Releases New Book, Dec. 2, 2013. Former Courant staffer Andrew Kreig (1970-84) has been a busy guy. In a Dec. 2 column, he reprises the powerful tributes earlier this fall by Tom Condon and Colin McEnroe to the late Irving Kravsow. Kreig’s column “Sharing a Capital Feast for Ideas & Civic Reform”  calls Kravow a “path-finder” whose experience can help both journalists and civic reformers these days. Kreig’s column is a relatively rare foray for him into uplift. Most of his commentaries via his DC-based Justice Integrity Project and elsewhere report Washington scandals and their impact on the country.

Rob Kall's Bottom-Up Radio Show 1360 AM, reaching metro Philadelphia and South Jersey, Interview of Andrew Kreig, Nov. 20, 2013 (Broadcast date TBA). Rob Kall interviews some of the world's smartest, most dynamic people on his Bottom Up Radio Show with the goal of getting them to share their wisdom and knowledge AND to stretch their vision. Rob explores two themes: 1) the bottom-up revolution, bottom-up mind and their patterns and ideas. The world is transitioning from a top-down to a bottom up world. Rob explores this with brilliant minds who have a take on how this is happening and how it is being used-- from web culture analysts to media experts to protest leaders in the Arab Spring; and 2) Progressive activists, leaders and thinkers -- from economics to Occupy, revolutions to Fracking. His guests often appear on Bill Moyers, The Daily show, The Colbert Report and MSNBC shortly before or after being on Rob's show.

Obama on the CouchAbout 'Obama on the Couch' Author Justin A. Frank, Justin A. Frank M.D. practices and teaches psychoanalysis in Washington, DC where he is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the George Washington University Medical Center. A clinician with more than thirty year’s experience, Dr. Frank has been a former columnist for Salon.com, DailyBeast.com, and continues to be a frequent contributor to HuffingtonPost.com on topics as diverse as politics, film, and theater. Dr. Frank employs the principles of applied psychoanalysis to assemble the kind of psychological profile used in his previous best-selling book Bush on the Couch (ReganBooks 2004) in his book Obama on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President (2011 by FreePress/Simon&Schuster). Also the co-director of the Metropolitan Center for Object Relations in New York, 
Dr. Frank completed his psychiatric residency at Harvard Medical School and was chief resident at the Cambridge Hospital. He was awarded the DuPont-Warren Fellowship by Massachusetts General Hospital.Salon, What’s wrong with Mitt Romney? Justin A. Frank, July 29, 2012. On Salon.com is my latest article focusing on Mitt Romney and his behavior approaching the upcoming elections. His disastrous British visit has to raise questions about his capacity for the diplomacy required to be president.

New York Times, Review: Spies Like Us: ‘Enemies Within,’ by Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman, Tara McKelvey, Oct. 11, 2013. In the aftermath of 9/11, the New York Police Department began regarding Islamic “houses of worship — and everyone who prayed there — as possible criminal organizations,” Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman tell us in Enemies Within. For that reason, those houses of worship get special attention from officers in the department’s intelligence unit. The “mosque crawlers,” as the unit’s paid informers and undercover agents are known, make “secret recordings of sermons,” Apuzzo and Goldman write. David Cohen, the deputy commissioner for intelligence, compares such work to raking coals in a fire pit: “You might find a smoldering ember — a hot spot waiting to catch fire.” However, unlike other accounts of New York’s counter-terrorism efforts, such as Christopher Dickey’s Securing the City and Michael Sheehan’s Crush the CellEnemies Within does not glorify the work of the cops. Instead, it attempts to portray Cohen as a sinister force, a man who oversees a network of surveillance operations that tramples on civil liberties. Cohen’s unit, which has a $60 million budget, is “a separate squad that operated in near secrecy and fancied itself a miniature C.I.A.,” Apuzzo and Goldman write. During one eight-month period, the unit “opened at least 15 secret terrorism enterprise investigations.” A former C.I.A. station chief in New York City, Cohen operates with little oversight. He “makes the rules.”


Justice Integrity Project Readers Guide To JFK Assassination

By Andrew Kreig, JIP Editor, CAPA Board member and Associate Editor and Board member of The Indicter

What follows are excerpts from our Project's so-far 38-previous segments of a "Readers Guide" to the assassination begun in 2013 to underscore both the 50th anniversary of the death and its continuing relevance, particularly slanted media, government, and academic treatment of the death that serves as a Rosetta Stone to similar slanted coverage sensitive matters extending through the decades to today's news.

John F. Kennedy side profile

The Justice Integrity Project cooperates with Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA) and The Indicter, each of which investigates suspected political assassinations around the world. The Project's most recent previous column on these topics for the Readers Guide was JFK Birthday Prompts Inspiration, Art, Advocacy, Snark on June 2, 2017, with this beginning. "The 100th birthday anniversary of President John F. Kennedy on May 29 prompted many memorials about the late president's enduring popularity, the continuing controversies over his murder, and at least one prominent display of mockery of the late president by a big newspaper."

In the Readers Guide below, a red asterisk (*) denotes major articles in the series. Other articles may be regarded as more routine or duplicative treatments sometimes covering specific events.

Dealey Plaza Panorama (Andrew Kreig Photo)At right is a photo by this editor in Dallas showing Dealey Plaza. The Texas Book Depository Building where accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald worked is behind the row of trees. The car in the center lane is near the location of President Kennedy's limo at the time of his fatal shooting. The "X" mark is repeatedly painted on the street by author and photographic expert Robert Groden as reminder of the horrific crime that Dallas authorities seek to expunge by removing the X.

  1. Project Launches JFK Assassination Readers' Guide, Oct. 16, 2013.
  2. Project Provides JFK Readers Guide To New Books, Videos, Oct. 26, 2013. This is a list of new books and films in 2013.
  3. Disputes Erupt Over NY Times, New Yorker, Washington Post Reviews of JFK Murder, Nov. 7, 2013. *
  4. Self-Censorship In JFK TV Treatments Duplicates Corporate Print Media's Apathy, Cowardice, Nov. 7, 2013.
  5. 'Puppetry' Hardback Launched Nov. 19 at DC Author Forum on ‘White House Mysteries & Media,'  Nov. 19, 2013.
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Catching Our Attention on other Justice, Media & Integrity Issues

Legal Schnauzer, Nov. 14 Court Hearing in Legal Schnauzer First Amendment Case Results in "Final Order," Carol Shuler, Nov. 19, 2013. The Nov. 14 "Permanent Injunction" hearing in the Legal Schnauzer first amendment case was carried out under murky circumstances and held at a secretive location which served to keep it from the disapproving eyes of a concerned public. However the telephone interview with Roger Shuler filled in many details of what transpired during this kangaroo court proceeding. This bizarre hearing subsequently resulted in a "Final Order" that we received in the U.S. mail sometime over the weekend.

Info Wars, JFK 50th Anniversary: Fight For Free Speech, City of Dallas attempts to crush First Amendment, Paul Joseph Watson, Nov. 20, 2013. Authorities in Dallas, Texas are attempting to mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy by censoring the First Amendment, cordoning off huge areas of the city and prohibiting anyone who disagrees with the official narrative from entering Dealy Plaza. The city banned filming and the display of signs in the Dealy Plaza area, but under threat of lawsuits by groups such as COPA, authorities have caved to numerous concessions like allowing the handing out of leaflets and t-shirts, and hanging banners, although only in designated areas.

FireDogLake, The Obamacare Disaster and the Poison of Party Loyalty, Norman Solomon, Nov. 18, 2013. Four years ago, countless Democratic leaders and allies pushed for passage of Barack Obama’s complex healthcare act while arguing that his entire presidency was at stake. The party hierarchy whipped the Congressional Progressive Caucus into line, while MoveOn and other loyal groups stayed in step along with many liberal pundits. Today, in terms of healthcare policy, the merits and downsides of Obamacare deserve progressive debate. But at this point there’s no doubt it’s a disaster in political terms — igniting the Mad Hatter Tea Party’s phony populism, heightening prospects for major right-wing electoral gains next year and propagating the rancid notion that the government should stay out of healthcare. At this pivotal, historic, teachable moment, progressives should not leave the messaging battle about the ACA to right wingers and Obama loyalists.